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Welcome to the

Welcome to the!

We’ll start with the basics.

How to be a parent:

Step 1:   Procure a child. This could mean procreation (wink, nudge), adoption, or fostering. Kidnapping is generally frowned upon.

Step 2: . . . ??!#$%@!?

Okay, so we don’t know everything about the wonderful world of child rearing. We do know there will be cookies (dairy/sugar/gluten free for some of us), trips to Disneyland, surprise visits from your mother-in-law immediately after your child dumps the entire contents of the pantry onto your new sofa… the usual. And we also know what they don’t tell you in the books: Parenting gets freaking lonely.

Enter We exist to give parents (and their urchins) the community, knowledge, and fun they need to power through these crazy, beautiful years. You’ll hear from expert speakers, meet other moms and dads like you, make friends, win amazing prizes, and let the kiddos run wild (semi-wild…okay, supervised, but somewhat autonomous… your call). Best of all, you can wear your yoga pants. We won’t judge. So don’t get left behind, we want you on board!