Adorable Vintage Duds Without the Hunt

We don’t know why it’s so unbearably adorable to see your little girl (or guy) all decked out in vintage styles. Maybe it’s the old-school attention to detail, or the 1950s innocence of bright yellow gingham and strawberry prints and aprons and ruffles and eyelet and pompoms and lace and ruching… (Hold on, we’re having a moment…) Whatever that magic is, we found it in spades at Runaway Pony. Look at these. LOOK.

Runaway Pony

So, needless to say, we’ve been spending some money. No regrets.

We wanted to learn more about where this new (old) cuteness overload came from, so we had a little chat with the founder, Dian McManus, and got the details. Here’s how it went down…

Us: We’re still blissing on the word ‘sunsuit’. Did you make that up?

Dian: I love that name, too! But I didn’t come up with it. I first heard it from my sweet mother-in-law Sally. She actually gave me the sunsuit she wore when she was a baby. My first baby, Keira, had just been born when she gave it to me. I was so touched by both the sunsuit and the name, and I just fell in love. It’s the perfect word for something that a baby would wear to play endlessly in the sun.

That sunsuit became one of my early inspirations for Runaway Pony. I even named one of my staple styles Sunkissed Sally, in honor of my mother-in-law and that suit.

Us: How did you get started with a clothing company?

Dian:  I started wanting my own vintage-inspired clothing line after Keira was born. Her grandma gave me several authentic vintage pieces from her own childhood, and I was so inspired by the beautiful little details and the innocence of those pieces that I wanted to make more. Then my second daughter was born, and the desire to have my own line grew, because I had these two adorable little girls to dress up.

So I sketch, design and hand-select those fabrics and trims you see on Runaway Pony. I get the best materials I can find from all over the US, and we make everything right here in L.A. I love that. It feels really good to be part of the local economy, helping other moms pursue their own American dream by making clothes our company. I am also working on designing our own print. You may see posh little ponies and gorgeous geometric scallops on some of our sunsuits, rompers, dresses and overalls in the Spring/Summer 2015 collection.  I’m always so fascinated by the mind-blowing passion and technical skills that our production team performs in their everyday job. They construct these comfortable, lasting, perfectly detailed garments for our boys and girls to play in, and that makes me feel like we’re doing something good.

Us: Not that we’re rushing you, but when is the fall line coming out? (Please hurry.)

Dian: Yes! The fall line will be out in late September. We’re going to have lots of corduroy and wool and cottons.

Runaway Pony Sunsuits

Photos by Nicole Benitez

So, we’ve got a bit of a wait. We shall endure. In the meantime, check out the summer styles in the Lookbook, and try to hold on a little longer. For there shall be corderoy. And wool. And sumptuous pint-sized nostalgia all around. Patience is hard.


Ana & Dani

Runaway Pony