Sophie and Sofia Aren’t Babies Anymore (and that’s okay?)


Sofia Graduation

At the baby shower they tell you things like, “Don’t blink,” and “It’ll be college before you know it,” and “Take lots and lots of pictures, or you’ll miss it.”

Well, it turns out they’re not joking. That is a real thing. And it is happening to us, of all people. (We will accept any sympathy you can spare the next time we see you.)

See, this is the month that Sophie and Sofia leave their preschool days behind. They’re getting ready to graduate, and take on elementary school life as confident little ladies who know what they want and don’t need much help anymore. (sniff)

Yesterday there were temper tantrums and onesies and noisy toddler playdates with zero sharing or turn-taking. Today there is double-digit addition, and cooperation, and helpfulness, and new school uniforms and (Don’t say it…) kindergarten– right there on the fall calendar.

And there’s this weird little war inside your chest when these things happen, because part of you is running backwards trying to find the little baby that you lost slowly, without even knowing it was happening. You want to find where that dependent, squishy toddler wandered off, and bring her back.

But this other part of you is all energized with this intense joy and pride that your little girl is so smart now, so thoughtful and responsible, and so ready to take on the big, new world.

And still another part of you is kind of panicked because it really is a big, new world, with new puzzles and problems to solve– And what if there’s bullies? What if the teacher isn’t right for her? What if she doesn’t make friends right away?

There are a thousand tiny joys and heartbreaks both behind her and before her, and you want to make some guarantee that it’s all going to be okay. But you can’t.

All you can do is hug her tight, and tell her you’re so, so proud of who she’s becoming, and take a lot of pictures. Because at this rate, college starts roughly tomorrow.

So to the babies who made us mommies, our wise little Sophie and Sofia:

We love you. We’re unspeakably proud of who you are. And it’s totally cool if you slow down a little. Please?

We’ll be here cheering always.


Ana & Dani


Mysteries of Toddlerhood Solved Completely at The Playroom Valley

toddlers demystifiedYou guys should have been there. At a sold-out event, we got to hear from the experts on the dark depths of toddlerhood weirdness. And okay, so maybe we didn’t exactly solve every wacky potty problem ever to befall a two-year-old, but we did have a heck of a good time.

If you guys haven’t brought your littles to The Playroom Valley, you should get there today. It’s the cleanest, funnest spot in Sherman Oaks to bring the under five crowd (and let the moms make mom friends!). And the prices are amazing! They even do these themed parties that will make your birthday girl or boy totally giddy.

Our kids were blown away by the bright, open play space, the little roller coaster, and the endless list of pretend play opportunities. We hardly heard from them the whole time we were there, because they were too busy having fun to bother with moms at all. Another win for The Playroom.


Ana & Dani

the playroom


We Rock the Spectrum Really Rocks

March 6, 2014

We Rock Blog

You guys are missing out if you’ve never been to We Rock the Spectrum with your kids. And if you have a child with autism or other special needs, you’re really, really missing out. This is a space where kids of all ages and abilities can get together and swing, pretend, climb, slide, and run around without having to apologize or feel even the slightest bit out of place.

We tried it out for our recent Mommytrain sing-along play date, and we will most definitely be back. The staff knows exactly how to help kids come out of their shells. Little ones learn self-reliance, positive social interactions, and self-confidence, while moms get to hang back and let them run free for a while. They even provide these super clever arts and crafts activities. And there’s a zip line!

It’s pretty much the most ingenious combination of inclusion, affirmation, and fun you can find anywhere. And if you want the ultimate proof that WRTS gets the Mommytrain stamp of approval… Guess where Sophie wants to have her next birthday? Yup.



Milestones: It Happened One Playdate

milestones it happened one playdate blogWe didn’t suspect a thing. For four years now we’ve been getting together, the four of us mommies and our brood. We mamas would sit and have coffee, and cry over our breastfeeding woes, and lament the extortion of organic baby food, and coo over those irresistible designer baby sandals that get lost on the very first outing. Every once in a while somebody would have to stop and nurse a wailing daughter, or redistribute the wooden blocks to the squabbling toddlers, or quiet a hungry girl with a GoGo squeeZ snack. It took a bit of the wind out of our sails, to break the flow of conversation (precious minutes of grown-up interaction slipping by!) for the constant interruption of soothing and entertaining the crowd of babies. But we made it work. It was the best part of our week, quite often.

And then… This playdate happened. It started like any other playdate, but before we knew what hit us, the unthinkable had transpired just ten feet from the table where we sat sipping our lattes…
Our babies grew up. I mean, yes, they were still only three or four years old. But one minute they were side by side on the slobbery, toy-strewn rug, living their separate toddler existences. The next, they had set the push mowers aside and started to actually play. Together. Like big kids. With role play and dress-up and perfect mimicry of our mannerisms and grownup mommy chatting idiosyncrasies.
They put on a show for us. For which they told us to silence our cell phones. (What? No mommy guilt here.) They took care of their younger siblings, even sat them down at the table for a few rounds of GoGo squeeZ applesauce. And, I mean, we could have taken advantage and gone on with mommy group time. Heck, we could have had a full-blown adult conversation on the economy for the very first time with next to NO interruptions, but we didn’t. It was too enthralling to watch our babies turning into little girls. Into friends, like us.


Ana & Daniela