Mom to CEO: It Could Happen to You

mommytrainPretty soon we’ll be rolling into the Mom2CEO conference with all of our glitz and fun. That got us thinking about how we ended up on this crazy ride, from full time moms to full time mom-CEOs. When we started our families, Daniela and I left great jobs behind. I had built a fifteen-year career in fashion, and Dani was a successful lawyer. But being a new mom can be an overwhelming job all by itself. Plus, we wanted time to embrace the newness of marriage and baby and family life without distractions.

By the time Daniela and I became friends, we both had our hands full, just with the overwhelming ups and downs of new motherhood. Then after a few years, we started to feel a little more confident, and we wanted to find work again. We both knew we did not want to be out of the house full time. Dani started a baby products business from home, with a website in Brazil. But the more we talked, the more we wanted to start something together.

The idea for was born from our little playgroup. It was such a lifesaver at a time when we needed friends to share all our worries and joys and questions with. So we thought, why not offer this to other new moms? Bonus– if we can make a decent income while working from home, having fun, and hanging with our babies.

We started brainstorming and calling around to local companies while the girls were in preschool. Pretty soon, we had pieced together a website and our first events. We got sponsorships from other mom-CEO companies, plus products for our gift bags and giveaways. And we got to make up crazy cool events, based on things we wanted to try ourselves! It didn’t take long to get going. Soon we were bringing home a couple extra thousand a month, plus all the perks we wanted in a job:

  • Work around our family schedule

  • Bring our daughters to work with us

  • Hang out with other moms and make friends

  • Try new activities and products together

  • Partner with other mom-CEOs and help them market their awesome products and services

  • Make life better for families all over the city

It’s kind of a dream come true for us. As grows and spreads to other cities, we’ll even get to share the load with other moms who are looking for the same job description we wanted. So, thanks, mamas… And sponsor mamas, and partner mamas. We’re loving this journey with you and all your littles. It’s so much more fun than we ever hoped.