We Saw Real Disney Princesses! On Ice!

This is a story in which Sofia and I go on an adventure, and capture it in sharp detail on a very pretty phone.

It started when the lovelies at MomAngeles.com and Verizon invited us to sit in the Verizon booth at the Staples Center and watch Disney characters dance around on ice skates. (Yes, it is as awesome as it sounds.) Look at Sofia–


That is the face of a girl who is having a very, very, very fun time watching Ariel and Prince Eric perform fantastic pirouettes to Disney songs she knows by heart. I actually thought the Toy Story characters were cooler, but I did not mention that.

This is the cool new phone I used to take way too many photos:

It’s called the Moto X, by Motorola, and aside from the fact that you can make it look however the heck you want (unlike some other phones), I think the best part about this phone is the pictures. SO FREAKING CRISP! Plus, my arm did not get tired at all, because it is so very thin and light, and it fits perfectly in my hand. And they made the zoom a one-finger feature, so I can do everything with one hand, and use the other to keep Sofia from climbing onto the ice with Prince Eric. (That’s important.) Important feature #2– This Moto X phone has the easiest layout ever for my social media apps. It was so quick to upload and post to all my favorite channels one-handed. And the battery just kept chugging along, no matter how many pics I uploaded! Actually, I may have overdone it a bit on the sharing, but the people who matter love me anyway.

disney on ice

So in conclusion, lovely mamas, the ladies at MomAngeles.com are kind and generous, and we love them even more now. And my new Moto X is the awesomeness.

Oh, and Prince Eric is the swooniest prince of all, if you ask Sofia.