A Little Support for New Moms

belly bandit

There’s this moment nobody tells you about, when you become a mother. You read all the baby books and watch all the baby shows, and amass an entirely new vocabulary related to pitocin and contractions and episiotomies and midwifery. And then you finally get through D-day. The labor is over, and all your best-laid plans for the birth either succeeded beautifully, or they didn’t. But that doesn’t matter now. The baby is born, and you’re a mom. That moment is awesome, but that’s not the moment I’m talking about.

The moment happens sometime that night, or the next day, when you finally get a chance to take a shower, put on pajamas, and feel human again. You look in the mirror for the very first time as a mother. And suddenly, there is this terrifying moment, when you don’t know who the heck that woman is, staring back at you. It’s not the pre-pregnancy you, with the smooth body and the bright eyes. And it’s not the pregnant you, with the glowing skin and the big, round belly.

This is somebody else entirely. And you’re not totally sure you’re okay with that.

After my first baby was born, my doctor gave me a belly band. It made a huge difference. Moms have been binding their bellies since, well, forever, so it’s not exactly a new concept. But thankfully, we now have choices like organic cotton and bamboo and stretchy fabrics to make things more comfortable.

The Belly Bandit serves to support the uterus, abdominal muscles, and back, while everything slowly gets back to normal, or the new normal, anyway. But even better than the physical benefits, wearing a Belly Bandit helps you look and feel just a little more like yourself. It helps you stand up straighter and fit into your jeans faster.

And when you’re up all night with a nursing newborn, and maybe feeling a little bit lost, that tiny boost in your sense of confidence and normalcy can go a long, long way.


Ana & Dani