When Victoria’s Secret Disowns You

There’s this sad sort of let-down (pun alert!) when you find out that your favorite lingerie company doesn’t give a crap that you’re nursing now. You’d think corporations that make their bucks off of pleasing the female half of the species would take notice of the months and years women spend breastfeeding their offspring, but unfortunately, most of them would rather pretend that breastfeeding is a niche hobby that only bra-less hippies engage in with any regularity.

Well, sucks to be you, VS and your flat-bellied angels! We’ve got options. Medela sent us a few of their new Bravado Designs nursing bras and tanks to try out, and we passed them along to some of you. The results are in, and good news abounds. Here’s the breakdown:

Fabric: Super soft and stretchy. Seamless. Holds its shape after a wash.

Release Clasp: One-handed opening action. It can be tricky to learn at first, but with a little practice, you can flick that thing open at the first little snuffle from your nursling.

Underwires: We tried the wire-free versions, and found them very comfortable. Many lactation experts recommend wire-free bras to prevent blockages and mastitis, but if you can’t survive without the extra support, Bravado Designs has underwire versions ready for you.

Sizing: Our testers said they ran a little bigger than expected, so you might want to order a size down if you’re in between. But since your boobs are probably changing like crazy right now, you should really just try a few if at all possible.

Style: All kinds! Check out the Bravado website, and you’re bound to find something you like. There are sports bras, sleep bras, and structured designs in lots of pretty patterns, colors, and cuts.

Essential Embrace Style: This is Medela’s new maternity-nursing-everything bra. It’s stretchy and snug and accommodating all at once, to fit your changing curves at every stage of the journey. Plus, the back panels slim you down. It’s strong enough to handle sizes up to L/M! Great news for those of us who get a little more voluptuous than usual while nursing.

Tanks: Super soft, sporty, great colors and fit, plus a built-in nursing bra! These are the perfect option for keeping your tummy covered in public, if you’re worried about that. Just wear a light t-shirt over it, and you can feel confident nursing anywhere. The tee lifts up, the tank stays down, the flap opens up for easy access. Voila! No capes, darling.

Pricing: Better than VS, especially considering the quality materials and easy nursing.

Unbiased Male Opinion: One of our Essential Embrace testers reported that her husband is a fan. He says her cleavage never looked more awesome. Of course, that could be partly due to the incessant hormone surges, but Medela helped.

The Mommytrain verdict is in, and these Medela Bravado Designs are officially on our favorite things list. As for you, VS… It kind of sucks that while our boobs look more awesome than ever you forget all about us, but that’s okay. Mamas know how to move on to better things.



Ana & Dani