CPR Party!


The other day I was telling a friend about a choking incident that Sofia had when she was 3 years old and how fortunate I was to have taken an infant CPR class. I was able to correctly and safely apply the CPR techniques to help her. True to her Brazilian roots, Sofia loves barbecue and choked on a big piece of “Picanha” steak. Despite the experience, she still loves Brazilian barbecue.

But no joke, this is a serious subject and while the incident happened some time ago, I feel I should freshen up on CPR techniques.  I discovered the Infant CPR & Choking Refresher Video and had an opportunity to talk to the CPR Instructor Ty Vaughn.  She happily agreed to share her video with us and to tell us more about the CPR Party.

“A CPR Party is an informal 2-hour comfortable way to learn valuable, life-saving techniques in CPR.  While enjoying refreshments in a relaxed environment of 5 or more individuals, a CPR Instructor guides attendees through the appropriate hands-on techniques and processes of saving a life. This approach offers attendees a more pleasant experience than in the traditional classroom setting.”

Calling all Mommies – doesn’t this sound awesome?  A get-together with your gang enjoying some food and wine (yes, I said wine!) to learn some life-saving techniques in a fun, fun way! Let’s get this party started! Who’s in?

For more info, please visit their CPR Party Website: http://www.cprparty.net or visit her Facebook Page: facebook.com/thecprparty



Ana & Dani


Sophie and Sofia Aren’t Babies Anymore (and that’s okay?)


Sofia Graduation

At the baby shower they tell you things like, “Don’t blink,” and “It’ll be college before you know it,” and “Take lots and lots of pictures, or you’ll miss it.”

Well, it turns out they’re not joking. That is a real thing. And it is happening to us, of all people. (We will accept any sympathy you can spare the next time we see you.)

See, this is the month that Sophie and Sofia leave their preschool days behind. They’re getting ready to graduate, and take on elementary school life as confident little ladies who know what they want and don’t need much help anymore. (sniff)

Yesterday there were temper tantrums and onesies and noisy toddler playdates with zero sharing or turn-taking. Today there is double-digit addition, and cooperation, and helpfulness, and new school uniforms and (Don’t say it…) kindergarten– right there on the fall calendar.

And there’s this weird little war inside your chest when these things happen, because part of you is running backwards trying to find the little baby that you lost slowly, without even knowing it was happening. You want to find where that dependent, squishy toddler wandered off, and bring her back.

But this other part of you is all energized with this intense joy and pride that your little girl is so smart now, so thoughtful and responsible, and so ready to take on the big, new world.

And still another part of you is kind of panicked because it really is a big, new world, with new puzzles and problems to solve– And what if there’s bullies? What if the teacher isn’t right for her? What if she doesn’t make friends right away?

There are a thousand tiny joys and heartbreaks both behind her and before her, and you want to make some guarantee that it’s all going to be okay. But you can’t.

All you can do is hug her tight, and tell her you’re so, so proud of who she’s becoming, and take a lot of pictures. Because at this rate, college starts roughly tomorrow.

So to the babies who made us mommies, our wise little Sophie and Sofia:

We love you. We’re unspeakably proud of who you are. And it’s totally cool if you slow down a little. Please?

We’ll be here cheering always.


Ana & Dani


The Single Moms Club Movie: The Interview

The Single Moms ClubOkay, guys. We know we have the best job in the world. We get to organize events and gift bags for you with the help of very cool local businesses and sponsors, and best of all, we get to hang out with you and meet your adorable offspring. But… well… our job got even more awesome this week.

Guess who we got to interview? No, don’t guess. We’ll tell you. We got to sit down with the cast of Tyler Perry’s new movie, The Single Moms Club! And we asked them lots of Mommytrain type questions about motherhood and work and life in general. It was just like a Mommytrain roundtable session, except with movie stars!

If you haven’t heard of it yet, check out the movie website for trailers and clips: http://thesinglemomsclub.com.  Here’s the synopsis… “When five struggling single moms put aside their differences to form a support group, they find inspiration and laughter in their new sisterhood, and help each other overcome the obstacles that stand in their way.” …So, um…Remind you of anything? It’s like Mommytrain in movie form! This is a flick about five mamas, dealing with the crazy realities of life after kids, and taking comfort in the camaraderie of other mamas, just like we do!

And it turns out the leading ladies have their own real life stories of motherhood in the trenches. In fact, Nia Long almost didn’t accept the role at all, because she didn’t want to leave her son behind. She said, “He’s my priority. I don’t want to be away from him that long.” When she talked to Tyler Perry about her concerns, he offered to give her son a role in the movie, so she could keep him close. (But Nia made him audition for it anyway, because she’s cool like that, and her son totally got the part!)

Cocoa Brown said this was like the perfect part for her, because she’s actually becoming a single mom this year, after separating from her partner. She said she’s normally really outgoing and funny, but this set and story made her a little nervous. Tyler Perry pulled her aside at one point and told her, “I know exactly what’s going on, and you can do this!” and talked her right through her fears. She ended up improvising half the role after that, because it came so naturally.

Zulay Henao told us that she connected with this role as a daughter rather than a mother. It brought back lots of memories and emotions from growing up with her single mom. She felt that by playing this part, she was finally able to relate to the hard times her mother had to go through.

We’re hyped that a filmmaker is actually taking notice of the extraordinary power that mom-to-mom connections can create, and we definitely cannot wait to see it. Don’t be jealous, but we’re going to the premiere!! Make sure you get tickets soon, and grab a few favorite girlfriends to bring along. This is gonna be so fun!

Special thanks to Tyler Perry and the cast of The Single Moms Club for letting us talk motherhood with some super-powered women!

The Moms Interview


A Little Support for New Moms

belly bandit

There’s this moment nobody tells you about, when you become a mother. You read all the baby books and watch all the baby shows, and amass an entirely new vocabulary related to pitocin and contractions and episiotomies and midwifery. And then you finally get through D-day. The labor is over, and all your best-laid plans for the birth either succeeded beautifully, or they didn’t. But that doesn’t matter now. The baby is born, and you’re a mom. That moment is awesome, but that’s not the moment I’m talking about.

The moment happens sometime that night, or the next day, when you finally get a chance to take a shower, put on pajamas, and feel human again. You look in the mirror for the very first time as a mother. And suddenly, there is this terrifying moment, when you don’t know who the heck that woman is, staring back at you. It’s not the pre-pregnancy you, with the smooth body and the bright eyes. And it’s not the pregnant you, with the glowing skin and the big, round belly.

This is somebody else entirely. And you’re not totally sure you’re okay with that.

After my first baby was born, my doctor gave me a belly band. It made a huge difference. Moms have been binding their bellies since, well, forever, so it’s not exactly a new concept. But thankfully, we now have choices like organic cotton and bamboo and stretchy fabrics to make things more comfortable.

The Belly Bandit serves to support the uterus, abdominal muscles, and back, while everything slowly gets back to normal, or the new normal, anyway. But even better than the physical benefits, wearing a Belly Bandit helps you look and feel just a little more like yourself. It helps you stand up straighter and fit into your jeans faster.

And when you’re up all night with a nursing newborn, and maybe feeling a little bit lost, that tiny boost in your sense of confidence and normalcy can go a long, long way.


Ana & Dani