Mimi- Sofia’s Kitty

June 27, 2013


Once upon a time, a little, pink kitty traveled to Brazil in the arms of a girl. The girl was very small, but she was also very strong. Her name was Sofia. The kitty was called Mimi.

The sights and smells and noises of Brazil were new and strange, and Mimi began to be frightened. I want to go home, she thought, I want to cry. But then Sofia hugged her tight around the middle, and Mimi felt that everything was fine.
After that the kitty and the girl were never parted. They went to the store together. They played in the sandbox together. They ate at the table together. They even learned how to potty, although Mimi stayed mostly dry.
Whenever Sofia fell and bumped her knee, Mimi was there to hug and comfort her. On nights when Sofia lay awake in her warm, pink bed, Mimi rubbed her nose to help her sleep.
Soon the grownups asked Sofia’s mommy why the girl was always holding an old, pink kitty. “It’s her security blanket,” the mommy said. “Just a favorite toy to keep her calm.” And that night Mimi had to take a bath in the washing machine.
The bubbles and the water were dark and noisy, and Mimi felt her heart begin to fear. But then she thought of how Sofia held her when the world was strange and new, and she began to find her bravery.

When the bath was finished, her Sofia came to hug her. And Mimi swung her long, pink tail and thought, “This is my security blanket. This is my favorite girl who keeps me calm.”

The End

A Note from the Mommy Corner:
There’s a reason why there are clones of Mimi hiding in a closet. Security toys have a way of getting run over, lost, and shredded; and you do not want to witness the atomic fallout when it happens.
On the upside, when a little kid has the power to self-soothe after a minor injury, or to fall asleep on her own, or to confidently walk into a new situation, that tatty stuffed animal or blanket becomes pure magic. We approve. Does your child have a Mimi in his life?