Handybook Makes Our Jobs a Little Easier


We don’t share all our secrets with you guys, but we try to share the best ones. And really, this one’s not much of a secret anymore. But just in case you hadn’t heard, there’s this new thing called Handybook. And it is changing our lives.

We run a business from home (a fun, rewarding business that led us to all of you), while we also drive our daughters back and forth to preschool, nurse babies, run errands, and try to work in some couple time with our guys here and there.

That doesn’t leave a lot of extra time for painting baseboards… Or fixing a drippy faucet… Or hanging the new shelves we got like six months ago… So when things like this need to get done, we try to hire out.

Seriously, moms need more help than just about anybody out there. But moms also have a bigger hiring conundrum than other people, because while we really do need the help, we also really need to know that the stranger who shows up at the door is trustworthy, and not a crazy ax murderer or kidnapper. After all, we’ve got tiny people to protect here.

And it would be nice if it didn’t take a lot of time and effort to find that trustworthy helper, because we’re kind of insanely busy. That’s why we’re sort of in love with Handybook. They vet all their handymen, cleaning staff, plumbing and electrical service techs, long before any of them come to your house. Plus, they show up on time, charge you a fair, simple price, and leave your place looking awesome. We totally recommend them.

If you’re thinking about giving in and getting some help around the house (which you should), make sure to use the discount on our MomDeals page. It’s a whole hour free on your first house cleaning, or $35 off one of the other services Handybook offers. Feel free to ask us about our experiences with them! We’re not shy about the stuff we love.

Handybook Mom Dealsxoxox,

Ana & Dani

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