CPR Party!


The other day I was telling a friend about a choking incident that Sofia had when she was 3 years old and how fortunate I was to have taken an infant CPR class. I was able to correctly and safely apply the CPR techniques to help her. True to her Brazilian roots, Sofia loves barbecue and choked on a big piece of “Picanha” steak. Despite the experience, she still loves Brazilian barbecue.

But no joke, this is a serious subject and while the incident happened some time ago, I feel I should freshen up on CPR techniques.  I discovered the Infant CPR & Choking Refresher Video and had an opportunity to talk to the CPR Instructor Ty Vaughn.  She happily agreed to share her video with us and to tell us more about the CPR Party.

“A CPR Party is an informal 2-hour comfortable way to learn valuable, life-saving techniques in CPR.  While enjoying refreshments in a relaxed environment of 5 or more individuals, a CPR Instructor guides attendees through the appropriate hands-on techniques and processes of saving a life. This approach offers attendees a more pleasant experience than in the traditional classroom setting.”

Calling all Mommies – doesn’t this sound awesome?  A get-together with your gang enjoying some food and wine (yes, I said wine!) to learn some life-saving techniques in a fun, fun way! Let’s get this party started! Who’s in?

For more info, please visit their CPR Party Website: http://www.cprparty.net or visit her Facebook Page: facebook.com/thecprparty



Ana & Dani


How to make a Paper Purse


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Independent Play Is a Real Thing. Seriously.


We’ve loved our weekly playdates for years now. For the most part, it’s the same small circle of moms and babies we started with, but recently, things have changed. I guess you could say playtime leveled up. AGAIN.

We were thrilled when the girls started interacting as toddlers, and then graduated to more involved imaginary play. It meant we could have snippets of real conversation with our fellow mamas, with only an occasional interruption here and there. But recently, something new happened.

They closed the door. As in, “Bye, now. No mommies necessary. We got this playdate thing.” They just walked into the bedroom, and started up a game of house, and left us there alone.

And they did great! Not a cry or complaint among them. The only time they argued a bit was over who would play the Mommy in the game. Other than that, they played like the best of friends. And we were free to sit and chat like real, human grownups. With WINE, people. A glass of wine, each, and uninterrupted conversation about how we thought this day might never arrive.

So if you’re deep in the lonely trenches of baby and toddler motherhood, take heart. Your day will come. It happens kind of suddenly. And it makes those long, loud, solitary years seem kind of short, and maybe even sweet.


Ana & Dani


We’re Thankful for You

Friday, November 15, 2013

thanksgiving craft

We might say it a lot, but it’s true. We’re thankful for you. All of you. Especially those of you who joined us for the recent Veteran’s Day get-together at Pamper & Play. You guys are like our new best friends.  If you weren’t there, you missed some seriously fun times. We didn’t have much of an agenda. No speakers or big activities. Just a simple Thanksgiving craft for the mamas on the patio, while the littles played inside.  And people, those hours are the best– when it’s just you and a few other moms, chatting and laughing and crafting and joking around together, with no runny noses to wipe and no toddlers to entertain. You should’ve been there.

The kids were so happy inside with the Pamper & Play staff that they didn’t even come looking for us at all, for two whole hours! Do you know how much we can gossip and carry on in two hours? A lot. I mean, really, that’s what this MommyTrain thing is all about, right? Meeting people who get it. Making friends. Hanging out with women who have walked a mile or two in shoes that look a heck of a lot like yours. That’s why we do this.  And yes, there was the customary MommyTrain raffle, and giveaways, and Lunch Right lunches, and Clean Bee Baby services, but those ended up being nothing more than icing on a very sweet cake.

So yeah, you guys rock. And we are most certainly doing this again. Maybe weekly. That’s how much we like you.


Ana & Dani