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Sophie and Sofia Aren’t Babies Anymore (and that’s okay?)


Sofia Graduation

At the baby shower they tell you things like, “Don’t blink,” and “It’ll be college before you know it,” and “Take lots and lots of pictures, or you’ll miss it.”

Well, it turns out they’re not joking. That is a real thing. And it is happening to us, of all people. (We will accept any sympathy you can spare the next time we see you.)

See, this is the month that Sophie and Sofia leave their preschool days behind. They’re getting ready to graduate, and take on elementary school life as confident little ladies who know what they want and don’t need much help anymore. (sniff)

Yesterday there were temper tantrums and onesies and noisy toddler playdates with zero sharing or turn-taking. Today there is double-digit addition, and cooperation, and helpfulness, and new school uniforms and (Don’t say it…) kindergarten– right there on the fall calendar.

And there’s this weird little war inside your chest when these things happen, because part of you is running backwards trying to find the little baby that you lost slowly, without even knowing it was happening. You want to find where that dependent, squishy toddler wandered off, and bring her back.

But this other part of you is all energized with this intense joy and pride that your little girl is so smart now, so thoughtful and responsible, and so ready to take on the big, new world.

And still another part of you is kind of panicked because it really is a big, new world, with new puzzles and problems to solve– And what if there’s bullies? What if the teacher isn’t right for her? What if she doesn’t make friends right away?

There are a thousand tiny joys and heartbreaks both behind her and before her, and you want to make some guarantee that it’s all going to be okay. But you can’t.

All you can do is hug her tight, and tell her you’re so, so proud of who she’s becoming, and take a lot of pictures. Because at this rate, college starts roughly tomorrow.

So to the babies who made us mommies, our wise little Sophie and Sofia:

We love you. We’re unspeakably proud of who you are. And it’s totally cool if you slow down a little. Please?

We’ll be here cheering always.


Ana & Dani


Independent Play Is a Real Thing. Seriously.


We’ve loved our weekly playdates for years now. For the most part, it’s the same small circle of moms and babies we started with, but recently, things have changed. I guess you could say playtime leveled up. AGAIN.

We were thrilled when the girls started interacting as toddlers, and then graduated to more involved imaginary play. It meant we could have snippets of real conversation with our fellow mamas, with only an occasional interruption here and there. But recently, something new happened.

They closed the door. As in, “Bye, now. No mommies necessary. We got this playdate thing.” They just walked into the bedroom, and started up a game of house, and left us there alone.

And they did great! Not a cry or complaint among them. The only time they argued a bit was over who would play the Mommy in the game. Other than that, they played like the best of friends. And we were free to sit and chat like real, human grownups. With WINE, people. A glass of wine, each, and uninterrupted conversation about how we thought this day might never arrive.

So if you’re deep in the lonely trenches of baby and toddler motherhood, take heart. Your day will come. It happens kind of suddenly. And it makes those long, loud, solitary years seem kind of short, and maybe even sweet.


Ana & Dani