SoCal Mom Expo October 25-26, 2013 Be There!

SoCalMomExpoSo There’s This Mom Expo.  Have you heard? Have you heard?!  It’s this thing they’re doing in Calabasas:

October 25 & 26, 2013, Saturday, 10am-3pm and Sunday, 10am-4-pm

Ladies and tiny people, we would like to make an is an official Mom Expo sponsor! And we are totally going to be there!  And we want to meet you and your precious baby urchins!  This event is in line with everything we want to do. It’s about education and fun and connection, and the kids get to run around and do storytime and crafts while the mamas look at pretty tote bags and talk to child care experts and other mommies.  Naturally, we had to crash that party. And you can come too! Admission is only $5 per adult, and $16 for four adults, and that covers both days! You could hang out with us TWICE.  But wait… There’s more… We want you to come so much that we will give you tickets. For reals. Just show up to one of our awesome events (click here), and we’ll hand you two tickets in an adorable gift bag. Or simply like our Facebook page click here  and leave a comment with your email address and how many tickets you would like, and we’ll send them to you! Just come.  You know you want to. The theme is Positive Affirmations of A Mother’s Journey. Because, I mean, who couldn’t use some positive affirmation on their mommy trip?  So stop by our awesome booth, and we will positively affirm the crap out of you, and tell you all about the amazing things that is about to start. You need to know this stuff.

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