Milestones: It Happened One Playdate

milestones it happened one playdate blogWe didn’t suspect a thing. For four years now we’ve been getting together, the four of us mommies and our brood. We mamas would sit and have coffee, and cry over our breastfeeding woes, and lament the extortion of organic baby food, and coo over those irresistible designer baby sandals that get lost on the very first outing. Every once in a while somebody would have to stop and nurse a wailing daughter, or redistribute the wooden blocks to the squabbling toddlers, or quiet a hungry girl with a GoGo squeeZ snack. It took a bit of the wind out of our sails, to break the flow of conversation (precious minutes of grown-up interaction slipping by!) for the constant interruption of soothing and entertaining the crowd of babies. But we made it work. It was the best part of our week, quite often.

And then… This playdate happened. It started like any other playdate, but before we knew what hit us, the unthinkable had transpired just ten feet from the table where we sat sipping our lattes…
Our babies grew up. I mean, yes, they were still only three or four years old. But one minute they were side by side on the slobbery, toy-strewn rug, living their separate toddler existences. The next, they had set the push mowers aside and started to actually play. Together. Like big kids. With role play and dress-up and perfect mimicry of our mannerisms and grownup mommy chatting idiosyncrasies.
They put on a show for us. For which they told us to silence our cell phones. (What? No mommy guilt here.) They took care of their younger siblings, even sat them down at the table for a few rounds of GoGo squeeZ applesauce. And, I mean, we could have taken advantage and gone on with mommy group time. Heck, we could have had a full-blown adult conversation on the economy for the very first time with next to NO interruptions, but we didn’t. It was too enthralling to watch our babies turning into little girls. Into friends, like us.


Ana & Daniela


One birthday party venue that won’t make you cry.

July 1, 2013


water_sand_tableAt, we are all about the easy, the practical, the yes: I baked these myself! (in the trunk of the car). That’s why we had to tell you about Sophie’s birthday party at Art Zone, West Los Angeles. Because, people, this place is genius.

To start off, the kids cannot get bored. There’s no way. We had twelve children and four babies on hand, and they were hopping nonstop.

Art Zone’s amazing staff kept them occupied with creative activities like clay projects, water paint, green goop, squeegee paint, shaving cream, glitter hand-prints, and more. When they weren’t making messes, they ran around the two-story playhouse with a fire pole, play kitchen, jump through windows, reading nook, and dress up supplies.

And guess what! We cleaned nothing. We just packed up our gifts and leftover cupcakes and took off, fifteen minutes after the party ended. Art Zone supplied all the paper products, utensils, candles, and even had a handy cupboard area, where we could set up to feed our birthday horde. (And if you don’t cook, they’ll help you arrange catering!)

Two hours total, from setup to see ya, for an awesome children’s party in an air conditioned venue in West Los Angeles. How’s that?

But the best part of all… Grownup time. That’s right. We found a birthday party venue where parents can sit around and talk. Coherently. And sip cocktails. Alcohol, people. Alcohol and adult conversation at a kid’s birthday party.  You in now?




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