We’re Thankful for You

Friday, November 15, 2013

thanksgiving craft

We might say it a lot, but it’s true. We’re thankful for you. All of you. Especially those of you who joined us for the recent Veteran’s Day get-together at Pamper & Play. You guys are like our new best friends.  If you weren’t there, you missed some seriously fun times. We didn’t have much of an agenda. No speakers or big activities. Just a simple Thanksgiving craft for the mamas on the patio, while the littles played inside.  And people, those hours are the best– when it’s just you and a few other moms, chatting and laughing and crafting and joking around together, with no runny noses to wipe and no toddlers to entertain. You should’ve been there.

The kids were so happy inside with the Pamper & Play staff that they didn’t even come looking for us at all, for two whole hours! Do you know how much we can gossip and carry on in two hours? A lot. I mean, really, that’s what this MommyTrain thing is all about, right? Meeting people who get it. Making friends. Hanging out with women who have walked a mile or two in shoes that look a heck of a lot like yours. That’s why we do this.  And yes, there was the customary MommyTrain raffle, and giveaways, and Lunch Right lunches, and Clean Bee Baby services, but those ended up being nothing more than icing on a very sweet cake.

So yeah, you guys rock. And we are most certainly doing this again. Maybe weekly. That’s how much we like you.


Ana & Dani


Neat Mamas Can Be Artsy Too.


So one time, there was this neat freak mom. (Not me!) And she had this really precocious daughter who liked to do ‘art’ with squishy paints and beads and glitter glue and so on… You get the picture. Messy stuff. And this neat freak mom (Not me, I swear!) felt really guilty, because, well, she had this table. This gorgeous table. This table she loved. And also brand new flooring. And granite countertops. (Those are expensive!)  And so, her daughter would come up to her and say, “Let’s paint, Mommy!” Or something equally horrifying, and the neat freak mom would think of her table and flooring, and say, “Sure, honey. Maybe tomorrow. Want to watch TV?” Or something even more lame, like, “How about chalk on the driveway instead?”  Deep down, she realized she was slowly killing her child’s inner artist, and she felt very, very guilty. But she could barely contain the mess from washable markers. Imagine the scars a single glitter glue session could leave! So she continued on her pathetic, neat freak way, until her friend gave her a gift. It was called MessMatz.  It unrolled onto her table. It was the perfect size for a large drawing, or a set of beads, or a painting! It was non-stick! And rubbery! And it had (gasp!) a rim, to hold all the paint and mess safely inside!  So the neat freak mom (who is not me) brought her daughter to the table with the new, blue mat on top. She said, “Behold, daughter, you may now partake of these squishy paints and glue to your heart’s content. And lo, my table shall not be scathed.”  And her daughter painted happily. And the mat rinsed clean. And all was well.

The End

P.S. Guess what this neat freak mom will be using when it’s time to carve a pumpkin? Yup. MessMatz from Little Bean Creations. I like my sanity… I mean, neat freak mom likes her sanity.

What type of mom are you when it comes to your little artist: free range or cattle stall?


Ana & Daniela


One birthday party venue that won’t make you cry.

July 1, 2013


water_sand_tableAt mommytrain.com, we are all about the easy, the practical, the yes: I baked these myself! (in the trunk of the car). That’s why we had to tell you about Sophie’s birthday party at Art Zone, West Los Angeles. Because, people, this place is genius.

To start off, the kids cannot get bored. There’s no way. We had twelve children and four babies on hand, and they were hopping nonstop.

Art Zone’s amazing staff kept them occupied with creative activities like clay projects, water paint, green goop, squeegee paint, shaving cream, glitter hand-prints, and more. When they weren’t making messes, they ran around the two-story playhouse with a fire pole, play kitchen, jump through windows, reading nook, and dress up supplies.

And guess what! We cleaned nothing. We just packed up our gifts and leftover cupcakes and took off, fifteen minutes after the party ended. Art Zone supplied all the paper products, utensils, candles, and even had a handy cupboard area, where we could set up to feed our birthday horde. (And if you don’t cook, they’ll help you arrange catering!)

Two hours total, from setup to see ya, for an awesome children’s party in an air conditioned venue in West Los Angeles. How’s that?

But the best part of all… Grownup time. That’s right. We found a birthday party venue where parents can sit around and talk. Coherently. And sip cocktails. Alcohol, people. Alcohol and adult conversation at a kid’s birthday party.  You in now?




green goop