Sexy, Healthy, Happy

Wednesday, March 19, 4:00 p.m.
Sirens & Titans
2311 Westwood Blvd,
Los Angeles CA, 90064
Price: Free. The best things always are.  
Limited # of spots available
Kids space hosted by:  Esteem Preschool
Sirens and Titans Fitness

Sirens and Titans

Meet us at the gym, ladies. Brand new place called Sirens & Titans Fitness. Why? Because we are frigging geniuses. (Sometimes. It can happen to you, too.) Where else do you get an event that combines happy, healthy bodies with happy, healthy sex lives? Nowhere. Because this time, we win the best idea ever award.

Dr. Shannon ChavezWe’re going to get a private, state-of-the-art workout session at Sirens & Titans first, and then when we’re feeling all endorphin-happy and energetic, we’ll sit down for a mini session with Dr. Shannon Chavez on Sexual Enrichment. She’s a professional sex therapist, so bring all your pressing questions and get real answers. Healthy body + happy sex? Yes. Both. Go.

Bring the kiddos and let them have fun with the fun-tastic kids room hosted by Esteem Preschool. We’ll bring munchables.

Price: Free. The best things always are.

Oh and did we mention the happy part? Wine will be served post workout!

Sirens and Titans Fitness