PNO, Encino, Feb. 7

Parent’s Night Out Drop offs


Where:  Kidz Korner, Encino 
17200 Ventura Blvd.,  Suite 120
Encino, Ca 91316
Who:  Kids ages 3-12 years old
Dates:  Saturday,February 7, 6:00 -10 pm
Cost:  $35 first child, $20 siblings
Limited number of spots available! 
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PNO feb 7
We can pretend that this is about the kids. Yeah, maybe they do get to have snacks and pizza and drinks, play like chimpanzees at Kidz Korner, do crafts, sing karaoke, play video games, win prizes, do virtual gaming, and hang with awesome friends. But really, this is about you and your favorite grown-up having a sanity night.  Holidays are over and we need a break.  There’s shopping and cooking and get-togethers, and all kinds of red food coloring everywhere.  That’s why we’re setting aside one night to drop the kids someplace fun and go chill.  By yourselves.  For FOUR HOURS.  You need this, mamas.  So does your partner.  Let us help you. K?Food, play, and craft supplies included
kidz korner