Ju-Ju-Be Bag Review

My kids are out of diapers (yesssss!) but I’m still not at that stage where I can go back to my nice, pre-mom bags (ladies, you know what I’m talking about). I still need a bag that I can bring to the park and hold water bottles, snacks, wipes, etc. and still look cool. I also wanted something that would allow me to be hands-free because I am often out alone with my two kids and need all the help I can get. That’s why I LOVE the Ju-Ju-Be Be Right Back back pack. It’s big but not too big and has enough pockets but not too many so that I can find everything I need. It’s also extremely comfortable to wear and machine washable!

It comes with a memory foam changing pad but since I don’t change diapers anymore, I use it to cushion my laptop. Yes, it holds my 14″ laptop and since I work from home, it’s nice to be able to carry my work stuff after I drop my kids off at school.

I love this bag. It suits my lifestyle because I’m either out with my kids, working at an event, or toting my computer around. If a backpack isn’t your style, Ju-Ju-Be has a ton of other lines that suits anyone’s needs. Great for travel, too!


Gobble Gobble

Now that school has started and after-school activities and homework have begun, families are scrambling to make dinner at night. I know I am! There are a variety of meal delivery services out there so how do you know which one to choose?

img_1194I recently tried Gobble, a meal delivery service that requires about 10-15 minutes of prep work, unlike some of the other services that only require you to heat and serve.

I received three freshly hand-crafted dinner kits (each serves two adults) –which included ingredients that are already prepped and chopped so it didn’t take long to prepare the meal. Some dinners required one pan, others more.

The important part? The food was DELICIOUS! Way better than another service I tried where all I needed to do was pop a tray in the microwave. Yes, this takes a bit more prep time but it was worth it.

Did my kids eat it? Ok I confess, I have picky eaters so they did not eat most of the Gobble food. I did have to prepare a separate meal for them, which almost defeats the purpose of a meal delivery service. But hey, at least I enjoyed a tasty dinner. And you get a LOT of food, which is good because I can eat!

Here’s the good news, Gobble is offering Mommytrain followers an exclusive discount, $50 off your first box when you sign up using this link:


(discount should automatically apply at checkout, new customers only)



Powerful and Instant Heroes!



We are very excited to share with you all the new electric pressure cookers that have changed our lives! Now, delicious food can also be prepared and cooked FAST!

Power Pressure Cooker and Instant Pot make busy mommies’ life much easier. Watch the video and leave your comments!


Ana & Dani




To View Recipe for Cod Stew, click here


Convenience is everything to me.

As a mom of 2 boys, convenience is everything to me. Having a 5 year old who does a lot of extracurricular activities, I’m always on-the-go (with both boys in tow), so products that save me time and energy is a win for me!  The B.Box Travel Bib comes with a soft spoon that both conveniently folds inside the catcher and I was even able to fit a food pouch before zipping it up. When my baby is ready to eat, I simply take everything out of the catcher-comfortably attach the bib on him and feed him. Once he’s done eating and creating a mess, all I have to do is fold the bib and dirty spoon back inside the catcher and the mess is contained. I now longer need to search for a baggie or wrap the mess in wipes-it was that easy! The B.Box Travel Drying Rack is also a game changer for my active lifestyle. I love how thin it folds up-it fit perfectly in my diaper bag without taking much space and it’s light weight! Now whenever I take the little one to my parents’ place, I feel comfortable knowing his bottles and pacifiers will have their own space being dried. It’s so compact, yet it can hold up to 6 bottles! Since I lack kitchen space, I’ll be using it a lot…I just have to make sure I’ll remember to put it back in my diaper back before I go!

Suzie Boluarte

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For more information on B.Box click here.
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Celebrate #Daddys Day with MAM and WIN….


Many men can be fathers but it takes a real heroine with special qualities to be a great daddy!
Share a personal story that exemplifies what makes you or your spouse a great daddy with #DaddysDay; MAM will select their favorite story to win a $500 prepaid card or tickets to an MLB game of your choice!

Also, read MAM’s Q & A with Tom Riles’ of The Ellen DeGeneres Show and Life of Dad and learn why MAM is donating $500 to the Children Hospital of Los Angeles’ Heart Institute this Father’s Day:http://bit.ly/mamdaddysday



Mother’s Day

large_364664ab-e619-4552-b770-6b50ec3ba7daMake your mom or a dear mommy friend feel extra special by having a beautiful bouquet of flowers delivered right to her doorstep this Mother’s Day! Whole foods and InstaCart (both Mommytrain favorites) have teamed up by making it more convenient by delivering flowers in as little as an hour across Los Angeles…how AWESOME is that?! Delivery fees start at $3.99, but are FREE for first time InstaCart users.

Want to make her feel extra, extra special? Use InstaCart’s Mother’s Day “aisle” to also purchase teas, chocolates, candles, and more!
See it for yourself here.
Happy Mother’s Day!!

Mommytrain stops at Bergamot Station for Pregnancy Awareness Month

PAMDid you know since 2008, Pregnancy Awareness Month (also known as PAM) is celebrated annually during the month of May? PAM’s mission is to empower, inspire and build a community of support for expectant women and families.
PAM’s Annual Signature LA Event was held yesterday, May 3rd in Santa Monica and I had the pleasure of checking it out for the first time! This FREE event featured a variety of booths from brands and local companies like Bravado, ErgoBaby, Medela, The Pump Station and The Honest Company, just to name a few.
Moms and Moms-to-be also got a chance to meet specialists and experts in pregnancy and child-wellness fields, like Dr.Harvey Karp! I had the pleasure of meeting him and getting my book signed…and was able to get a few questions answered about Baby #2!
The best part of this FREE event, was the Mommy Beauty Lounge! Moms and expectant moms were treated (because we deserve it) to massages from Jen Astman-Posen, eye brow shaping from Claudia, and a mini-makeover (hair and make-up touch-ups) from The Glam Squad!
To learn more about Pregnancy Awareness Month, visit here!
pam1 pam2
***Group photo was taken by Jenny Quicksall Photography***

Check out the new Avengers App!

Okay, something fun we have to share with you. If you and your kids are excited about Marvel’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron movie, then you’re gonna wanna download this app from Marvel and Walmart!
You can see how the app works at Google play here, or visit iTunes here. You can also watch the video on how it works https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5NYlH0yaBM.
With the app, you can visit your local Walmart and scan select Avengers displays/products to reveal The Avengers: Age of Ultron superheroes. Don’t forget to take a selfie with your favorite character!
Or…do what I did and go to Walmart.com , click on “Unlock more epic content”, copy and save the image and print!  I was able to take my printed image outside to scan and my 4 year-old had the best time taking photos with the Hulkbuster! He didn’t want it to end!
The app was so simple and so much FUN to use! Download it today…your kids will LOVE it!
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Instacart- A busy Mom’s dream come true.

Valentines dayHoly schmoly.  All my hopes and dreams have come true.  No, my husband isn’t picking his clothes off the floor.     That’s more of a fantasy!   Instacart has nailed it.   Grocery shopping in peace is finally here.

I admit when Sophie was about 15 months old hitting Whole Foods was the highlight of my day.  It was our daily outing.  It was my day off from the park.  It was fun, adventurous, we always saw other mommy friends there.  It was social hour at the sample table.  In reality, all I wanted was to get what was needed to feed my family and jet on out of there as quickly as I could.  Fast forward a few years and I despise going to the market.  My daughter screams bloody murder, knocks everything in sight off the shelf, and eats half the groceries before we even pay for them.  Enter Instacart.


Forget costco.com and google shopping express(which I have been addicted to since it’s invention).  Instacart, my new go to savior has it all.  It’s a delivery service that actually DELIVERS.  Unlike the others, they will deliver the produce, the alcohol, and even the FLOWERS.  On Valentine’s day, I decided to give Instacart one chance.  I ordered a dozen roses for delivery the morning of Valentine’s day(PRIME TIME) for $34.99.  Boom.  Delivered in 1 hour.  Sophie was ecstatic.  What 5 year old doesn’t deserve flowers(#spoiledrotten)



I’m so sick and tired of making the same dang thing day in and day out.  Another added bonus is the endless recipes with quick easy links to shop and add to your cart.  Now this is smart.  Should I go on?






We Saw Real Disney Princesses! On Ice!

This is a story in which Sofia and I go on an adventure, and capture it in sharp detail on a very pretty phone.

It started when the lovelies at MomAngeles.com and Verizon invited us to sit in the Verizon booth at the Staples Center and watch Disney characters dance around on ice skates. (Yes, it is as awesome as it sounds.) Look at Sofia–


That is the face of a girl who is having a very, very, very fun time watching Ariel and Prince Eric perform fantastic pirouettes to Disney songs she knows by heart. I actually thought the Toy Story characters were cooler, but I did not mention that.

This is the cool new phone I used to take way too many photos:

It’s called the Moto X, by Motorola, and aside from the fact that you can make it look however the heck you want (unlike some other phones), I think the best part about this phone is the pictures. SO FREAKING CRISP! Plus, my arm did not get tired at all, because it is so very thin and light, and it fits perfectly in my hand. And they made the zoom a one-finger feature, so I can do everything with one hand, and use the other to keep Sofia from climbing onto the ice with Prince Eric. (That’s important.) Important feature #2– This Moto X phone has the easiest layout ever for my social media apps. It was so quick to upload and post to all my favorite channels one-handed. And the battery just kept chugging along, no matter how many pics I uploaded! Actually, I may have overdone it a bit on the sharing, but the people who matter love me anyway.

disney on ice

So in conclusion, lovely mamas, the ladies at MomAngeles.com are kind and generous, and we love them even more now. And my new Moto X is the awesomeness.

Oh, and Prince Eric is the swooniest prince of all, if you ask Sofia.