Harvest Festival Art & Craft Show





Mommytrain is giving away a 4 pack of tickets to the Pomona Harvest Festival at the Fairplex December 1-3.

Enter to win:  Simply leave a comment if you want to go and a winner will be randomly picked!



Santa’s helpers take note! With over 24,000 handmade creations to choose from, holiday gift giving gets the personal touch when the Pomona Harvest Festival® Original Art & Craft Show comes to the Fairplex December 1-3. Three hundred artful exhibitors ring in the season with dazzling, original works, transforming the Fairplex into a winter wonderland “shoppertunity.” With strolling performers, contests, crafting demonstrations, and an interactive Kidzone, it’s a yuletide celebration for all ages.

Over the past 45 years, the Harvest Festival has grown to become recognized as the largest indoor arts & crafts showcase on the west coast. The nation’s top artists and crafters come together in this juried showcase to celebrate the holiday season with a colossal collection of original works never found in malls.  Exhibits are brimming with new trends in jewelry, ceramics, blown glass, woodcarvings, clothing and accessories, holiday décor, ornaments, specialty foods, furniture, kids toys, and more, all at unbeatable prices. For that special gift of the heart, many artists can personalize purchases on the spot.

“The minute you walk through the door you can’t help but get into the spirit of the holidays,” says Harvest Festival owner Nancy Glenn. “We work year-round to put together an exciting celebration that unites Festival goers with the artists who share their passion. It makes holiday gift giving more of a special, personalized experience.”

The event gives back to the community by partnering with the Foothill Family Shelter to offer $2 off general admission to any patrons who bring canned goods for donation. Macaroni Kid hosts the interactive Kidzone, while Priceless Pet Rescue is on hand with furry friends for adoption. Home Depot features a “build it” area for kids, and New York Life offers free child IDs.

Harvest Festival general admission tickets are $9, while seniors (62+) and military are $7, youths ages 13-17 are $4, and kids 12 and under are free. Tickets are good for the entire weekend and return visits. Information is available at www.harvestfestival.com or by calling 925/ 392-7300.

Festival Hours: December 1-3

Friday: 10:00am to 5:00pm; Saturday: 10:00am to 6:00pm; Sunday: 10:00am to 5:00pm

Fairplex in Pomona: 

Building #4

1101 West McKinley Avenue, Pomona, CA 91768


Newborns in Need Charity Drive

Fellow mommies, let me know if you can relate. I know we’ve all been there before: Thanksgiving is just around the corner, we envision ourselves making a donation to families in need, but reality sets in, and we become too preoccupied planning, decorating and shopping for our own family dinners, that by the time we remember our well-intended plans to donAAEAAQAAAAAAAAW5AAAAJDk0NjIyM2I4LTk1MDUtNGFmYS1hNDA1LTFiOTk2NzNmOGIzNwate, Black Friday arrives, and the rest is history. I’m excited to announce a wonderful opportunity coming up where we can donate to families in need, specifically to the Newborns in Need, Inc. charity, and support local mommy owned businesses this holiday season. Many of us are blessed to have all we need for our babies, but so many families struggle to provide basic essentials for their newborn babies.

Come join us on Sunday, November 22nd from 12-5pm at Mama-San Maternity Boutique in Burbank to give to the Newborns in Need Inc. charity, and get some holiday shopping done by supporting fellow mompreneurs.

Click here for more information

The event will be hosted by:

Playdate Connection: www.playdateconnection.com
Mama-San Boutique: www.themamasanboutique.com





Mommytrain stops at Bergamot Station for Pregnancy Awareness Month

PAMDid you know since 2008, Pregnancy Awareness Month (also known as PAM) is celebrated annually during the month of May? PAM’s mission is to empower, inspire and build a community of support for expectant women and families.
PAM’s Annual Signature LA Event was held yesterday, May 3rd in Santa Monica and I had the pleasure of checking it out for the first time! This FREE event featured a variety of booths from brands and local companies like Bravado, ErgoBaby, Medela, The Pump Station and The Honest Company, just to name a few.
Moms and Moms-to-be also got a chance to meet specialists and experts in pregnancy and child-wellness fields, like Dr.Harvey Karp! I had the pleasure of meeting him and getting my book signed…and was able to get a few questions answered about Baby #2!
The best part of this FREE event, was the Mommy Beauty Lounge! Moms and expectant moms were treated (because we deserve it) to massages from Jen Astman-Posen, eye brow shaping from Claudia, and a mini-makeover (hair and make-up touch-ups) from The Glam Squad!
To learn more about Pregnancy Awareness Month, visit here!
pam1 pam2
***Group photo was taken by Jenny Quicksall Photography***

A Chicken, a Squash, and the Coolest Thermometer Ever

As of today, Dani and I now in possession of a few new and very important skills. Namely…

  1. We know how to roast a whole chicken and not turn it into jerky. Whaaat? Yeah.
  2. We know how to turn a plain old butternut squash into a super decadent soup with apples and honey and cinnamon– and a dash of Tabasco!
  3. We know how to take a sick baby’s temperature without having to wrangle her to be still. Not even for a second. For reals, now.

Where did we learn these magnificent and unrelated morsels of wisdom, you ask? (Ask!)


Well, the cooking parts we learned from this amazing chef. His name is Chef Russell Johnigan, and we were invited to a cooking class/product demo with him at the Seasons 52 restaurant in Century City. (You need to try this place. You can order anything on the menu and it will be UNDER 475 calories, no matter what you choose. So yummy!)


First Chef Johnigan showed us amazing feats of simple kitchen badassery, and then we got to eat the fruits of our labors. And while we were hanging around stuffing our faces with the most beautiful squash soup and roast chicken you ever did see, the people from Braun thermometers showed us their new sanity-saver. This thing:

Braun no touch thermometer

It’s the new Braun No Touch + Forehead thermometer. Here’s the kicker– It takes your kid’s temperature without even TOUCHING your kid. That might not seem so mind-blowing to some of you now, but if you’ve ever held down a screaming, feverish toddler who is probably in pain, and tried to get a reading off of a finicky ear or forehead swipe thermometer, you know. This is good news. Imagine it. You could check your sick baby’s temperature without waking her at all.

The other major plus is that it’s sooooo easy for mamas to read, especially when you’re up late, stressed out, and dog-tired. On this thermometer, the entire screen changes color– from green (no fever) to orange (mild fever) to red (high fever). You don’t even have to turn on the lights if your little one is sleeping. Check it out:


You can see how it works in person at one of the Braun Mobile Thermometer Tour stops.  For every temperature they take, they’re donating $1 to LA Children’s Hospital. We’re totally getting one for our little people.

Hit us up for roast chicken or butternut soup recipes if you’re interested! We will totally pass our newfound skills along to you.

Braun No Touch + Forehead Tour Dates

**The tour schedule is subject to change, please follow @BraunTherms for any updates.


Tuesday 11/11 LA Kickoff! – Location TBD
Wednesday 11/12 Seasons 52

10240 Santa Monica Blvd., LA

Thursday 11/13 Pan Pacific Recreation Center

7600 Beverly BLVD., LA

Friday 11/14 MacArthur Park Recreation Center

2230 W 6th St., LA

Saturday 11/15 Pershing Square

532 S. Olive St., LA

Sunday 11/16 Westwood Recreation Center

1350 S. Sepulveda BLVD., LA

Wednesday 11/19 Rancho Cienega Recreation

5001 Rodeo Rd., LA

Thursday 11/20 Venice Beach
Friday 11/21 Echo Park Recreation Center

1632 Bellevue Ave LA

Saturday 11/22 Westchester Recreation Center

7000 W. Manchester Ave., LA



Ana & Dani


Two Mamas Go to Panera

Panera Bread
Okay, now don’t look down on us for this, but Dani and I had never been to a Panera for a real lunch. Like ever. No, we don’t live in caves. We kind of saw it as just a bakery, with great coffee. Because, I mean, look at the name: Panera Bread Company. It kind of screams “Bread! Just bread! Bread forever!” Or something like that.

Anyway, we got a pleasant little kick in the pants in the form of a Mother’s Day gift card from the sweet folks at Panera, so we showed up all innocent and ready for lunch at the Santa Monica location. And guess what? They’ve got WAY more than bread! (Those of you who spend 70% of your disposable income on your Panera addiction already knew this, but bear with us.)

They’ve got this ingenious ordering layout, where you get to pick two items and smack them together to make a complete meal. They’re all super yummy, handcrafted dishes that make you feel like you’re actually consuming a healthy, balanced meal, instead of, say, the last pickings of your child’s cold chicken nuggets and fries. They even have a kids’ menu, with real food that you would be proud to serve your kid in front of your mother-in-law!

photo 4

Sophie had butter ribbon pasta, with an apple (a real apple!), and I had cheddar broccoli soup with a Thai salad (so good), and Dani got cheddar broccoli soup with a chicken salad sandwich, on their ridiculously soft bread. Plus, we took home a loaf of four cheese bread and a loaf of sourdough to share with the boys. They even sliced it for us!

So yeah, ladies. Don’t forget you’ve got better options than the big ‘M’ out there on soccer/ballet/grocery day. Panera has a drive thru with your name on it, and a whole lot of healthy goodness inside.


Ana & Dani


Art, Conservation, and Candy! Oh, my

Wyland Sweet openingDid you know there’s a giant, floating trash vortex in the ocean that’s the size of Texas and ten feet deep? Well, we do! It’s called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, and there are six more just like it! Sofia and I learned this and lots of other amazing (scary) things at the grand opening of the new Wyland Gallery at Hollywood and Highland Center.

Wyland is an artist/conservationist who loves to portray marine life and bring awareness to the plight of the world’s oceans. He likes to create huge murals of whales and ocean scapes. At the gallery’s grand opening event, we got to take in all the artwork, and tour the new Mobile Learning Center that will be visiting schools across the country, educating kids on the importance of preserving our waterways.


The new Wyland Gallery is teaming up with Sweet!, a confections company that makes gorgeous chocolate and sugar sculptures and candies. They’ve created the most adorable little sea creature candies– turtles and starfish and dolphins and more.  And they’re donating 1% of the profits to marine conservation! What better way to get your kids pumped about caring for the environment, than with ocean art made of sugar?

Sweet! 2




Mysteries of Toddlerhood Solved Completely at The Playroom Valley

toddlers demystifiedYou guys should have been there. At a sold-out event, we got to hear from the experts on the dark depths of toddlerhood weirdness. And okay, so maybe we didn’t exactly solve every wacky potty problem ever to befall a two-year-old, but we did have a heck of a good time.

If you guys haven’t brought your littles to The Playroom Valley, you should get there today. It’s the cleanest, funnest spot in Sherman Oaks to bring the under five crowd (and let the moms make mom friends!). And the prices are amazing! They even do these themed parties that will make your birthday girl or boy totally giddy.

Our kids were blown away by the bright, open play space, the little roller coaster, and the endless list of pretend play opportunities. We hardly heard from them the whole time we were there, because they were too busy having fun to bother with moms at all. Another win for The Playroom.


Ana & Dani

the playroom


We Rock the Spectrum Really Rocks

March 6, 2014

We Rock Blog

You guys are missing out if you’ve never been to We Rock the Spectrum with your kids. And if you have a child with autism or other special needs, you’re really, really missing out. This is a space where kids of all ages and abilities can get together and swing, pretend, climb, slide, and run around without having to apologize or feel even the slightest bit out of place.

We tried it out for our recent Mommytrain sing-along play date, and we will most definitely be back. The staff knows exactly how to help kids come out of their shells. Little ones learn self-reliance, positive social interactions, and self-confidence, while moms get to hang back and let them run free for a while. They even provide these super clever arts and crafts activities. And there’s a zip line!

It’s pretty much the most ingenious combination of inclusion, affirmation, and fun you can find anywhere. And if you want the ultimate proof that WRTS gets the Mommytrain stamp of approval… Guess where Sophie wants to have her next birthday? Yup.



We’re Thankful for You

Friday, November 15, 2013

thanksgiving craft

We might say it a lot, but it’s true. We’re thankful for you. All of you. Especially those of you who joined us for the recent Veteran’s Day get-together at Pamper & Play. You guys are like our new best friends.  If you weren’t there, you missed some seriously fun times. We didn’t have much of an agenda. No speakers or big activities. Just a simple Thanksgiving craft for the mamas on the patio, while the littles played inside.  And people, those hours are the best– when it’s just you and a few other moms, chatting and laughing and crafting and joking around together, with no runny noses to wipe and no toddlers to entertain. You should’ve been there.

The kids were so happy inside with the Pamper & Play staff that they didn’t even come looking for us at all, for two whole hours! Do you know how much we can gossip and carry on in two hours? A lot. I mean, really, that’s what this MommyTrain thing is all about, right? Meeting people who get it. Making friends. Hanging out with women who have walked a mile or two in shoes that look a heck of a lot like yours. That’s why we do this.  And yes, there was the customary MommyTrain raffle, and giveaways, and Lunch Right lunches, and Clean Bee Baby services, but those ended up being nothing more than icing on a very sweet cake.

So yeah, you guys rock. And we are most certainly doing this again. Maybe weekly. That’s how much we like you.


Ana & Dani


Mommy-Con Los Angeles, and a Very Cool Bonus

mommy-conUm, so… Mommy-Con is coming to L.A. on October 6th, and dude… You must go.  If you haven’t heard yet, Mommy-Con is this traveling boutique-style convention that started in Philly, and it’s all about natural parenting. Try on slings and carriers, attend natural mothering classes and seminars with some of the biggest voices in the parenting world, and hang with breastfeeding, co-sleeping, baby-wearing divas like yourself. It’s kind of awesome.  And guess what? If you go to Mommy-Con and pick up one of their fabulous gift bags, you’ll find a free mommytrain.com event ticket inside. Yup. The awesome just keeps coming.