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We are very excited to share with you all the new electric pressure cookers that have changed our lives! Now, delicious food can also be prepared and cooked FAST!

Power Pressure Cooker and Instant Pot make busy mommies’ life much easier. Watch the video and leave your comments!


Ana & Dani




To View Recipe for Cod Stew, click here


Instacart- A busy Mom’s dream come true.

Valentines dayHoly schmoly.  All my hopes and dreams have come true.  No, my husband isn’t picking his clothes off the floor.     That’s more of a fantasy!   Instacart has nailed it.   Grocery shopping in peace is finally here.

I admit when Sophie was about 15 months old hitting Whole Foods was the highlight of my day.  It was our daily outing.  It was my day off from the park.  It was fun, adventurous, we always saw other mommy friends there.  It was social hour at the sample table.  In reality, all I wanted was to get what was needed to feed my family and jet on out of there as quickly as I could.  Fast forward a few years and I despise going to the market.  My daughter screams bloody murder, knocks everything in sight off the shelf, and eats half the groceries before we even pay for them.  Enter Instacart.


Forget costco.com and google shopping express(which I have been addicted to since it’s invention).  Instacart, my new go to savior has it all.  It’s a delivery service that actually DELIVERS.  Unlike the others, they will deliver the produce, the alcohol, and even the FLOWERS.  On Valentine’s day, I decided to give Instacart one chance.  I ordered a dozen roses for delivery the morning of Valentine’s day(PRIME TIME) for $34.99.  Boom.  Delivered in 1 hour.  Sophie was ecstatic.  What 5 year old doesn’t deserve flowers(#spoiledrotten)



I’m so sick and tired of making the same dang thing day in and day out.  Another added bonus is the endless recipes with quick easy links to shop and add to your cart.  Now this is smart.  Should I go on?






Dani, the mixologist

Vanilla Martini1Happy holidays everyone!

So excited with the holidays here!  So many things happening!  Between shindigs, work parties and school recitals,  my best bud and partner, Dani has decided she wants to try to add Mix-olgist to her resume.  She has taken some of our favorite Mommytrain products and is going to attempt to make this Vanilla Martini.  As her guinea pig for all her experiments, she will be testing this out at her Ugly Sweater party.  Hoping I don’t have to take an Uber home after this one!

Keep you guys posted on how it turns out!!




Heilala Vanilla Martini adapted from Emeril Lagasse’s Vodka – Vanilla- Kiss – Me Tini from the Food Network

2 ounces vodka

3 tablespoons heavy cream

2 tablespoons vanilla syrup- we used Heilala Vanilla syrup (he makes his own)

1 tablespoon ameretto

¼ vanilla extract

Heilala Vanilla sugar for the glass

**Heilala Vanilla can be purchased from Bristol Farms and Whole Foods


A little bit of heaven

Okay folks.  I know it’s been a while since I posted a recipe but I’m back and I’m back to share with you a little bit of heaven.  Although this holiday I won’t be the main chef in the kitchen I did offer to bring dessert and I’m here to share.

Happy Turkey Day Mamas!




Homemade Vanilla Custard by the glass

Smooth vanilla-scented heaven in a glass

Makes: 2 ½ cups

1 Heilala Vanilla Bean, split

2 cups full cream milk

6 egg yolks

2 tablespoons super  fine sugar

1 tablespoon Heilala Vanilla sugar for sprinkling



1.  Scrape the vanilla bean seeds into the milk in a heavy-based saucepan. Add the vanilla bean and heat until the milk is hot but not boiling. Leave to infuse for 5-10 minutes.

2.  In a bowl mix together the egg yolks and sugar, then add the infused milk, stirring constantly.  Wipe out the saucepan and return the mixture.

3.  Cook over a low to moderate heat, stirring constantly until the custard thickens enough to lightly coat the wooden spoon.

4.  Pour custard into a clean bowl, sprinkle with vanilla sugar to prevent a skin forming. Leave to cool, then cover and refrigerate. Remove vanilla bean before serving.

5.  Serve vanilla custard in glasses or pour into a jug and serve with poached fruit.

*Heilala Vanilla is available at Bristol Farms in So Cal.



A Chicken, a Squash, and the Coolest Thermometer Ever

As of today, Dani and I now in possession of a few new and very important skills. Namely…

  1. We know how to roast a whole chicken and not turn it into jerky. Whaaat? Yeah.
  2. We know how to turn a plain old butternut squash into a super decadent soup with apples and honey and cinnamon– and a dash of Tabasco!
  3. We know how to take a sick baby’s temperature without having to wrangle her to be still. Not even for a second. For reals, now.

Where did we learn these magnificent and unrelated morsels of wisdom, you ask? (Ask!)


Well, the cooking parts we learned from this amazing chef. His name is Chef Russell Johnigan, and we were invited to a cooking class/product demo with him at the Seasons 52 restaurant in Century City. (You need to try this place. You can order anything on the menu and it will be UNDER 475 calories, no matter what you choose. So yummy!)


First Chef Johnigan showed us amazing feats of simple kitchen badassery, and then we got to eat the fruits of our labors. And while we were hanging around stuffing our faces with the most beautiful squash soup and roast chicken you ever did see, the people from Braun thermometers showed us their new sanity-saver. This thing:

Braun no touch thermometer

It’s the new Braun No Touch + Forehead thermometer. Here’s the kicker– It takes your kid’s temperature without even TOUCHING your kid. That might not seem so mind-blowing to some of you now, but if you’ve ever held down a screaming, feverish toddler who is probably in pain, and tried to get a reading off of a finicky ear or forehead swipe thermometer, you know. This is good news. Imagine it. You could check your sick baby’s temperature without waking her at all.

The other major plus is that it’s sooooo easy for mamas to read, especially when you’re up late, stressed out, and dog-tired. On this thermometer, the entire screen changes color– from green (no fever) to orange (mild fever) to red (high fever). You don’t even have to turn on the lights if your little one is sleeping. Check it out:


You can see how it works in person at one of the Braun Mobile Thermometer Tour stops.  For every temperature they take, they’re donating $1 to LA Children’s Hospital. We’re totally getting one for our little people.

Hit us up for roast chicken or butternut soup recipes if you’re interested! We will totally pass our newfound skills along to you.

Braun No Touch + Forehead Tour Dates

**The tour schedule is subject to change, please follow @BraunTherms for any updates.


Tuesday 11/11 LA Kickoff! – Location TBD
Wednesday 11/12 Seasons 52

10240 Santa Monica Blvd., LA

Thursday 11/13 Pan Pacific Recreation Center

7600 Beverly BLVD., LA

Friday 11/14 MacArthur Park Recreation Center

2230 W 6th St., LA

Saturday 11/15 Pershing Square

532 S. Olive St., LA

Sunday 11/16 Westwood Recreation Center

1350 S. Sepulveda BLVD., LA

Wednesday 11/19 Rancho Cienega Recreation

5001 Rodeo Rd., LA

Thursday 11/20 Venice Beach
Friday 11/21 Echo Park Recreation Center

1632 Bellevue Ave LA

Saturday 11/22 Westchester Recreation Center

7000 W. Manchester Ave., LA



Ana & Dani


Easy and Healthy and Edible, Too? Yes.

Eating healthy isn’t always a picnic. Especially when kids are involved. At the end of long day running errands, taking care of work demands, taxiing kids to their classes, and maybe getting in some exercise, it’s easy to just drive thru the nearest McJunkFood restaurant and grab a bag of calories your children will eat without a fuss. Because it’s not just that you’re too tired to spend thirty minutes chopping, steaming, and tossing together a healthy, all-natural meal, it’s also that you’re too tired to work that hard for a healthy, all-natural meal that your child will stare at and complain about until it’s so cold and limp that you wouldn’t touch it either.

Kidfresh_logotype_highresThat’s why we got kind of excited about these Kidfresh meals. They’re easy frozen dinners made from organic vegetables and humanely raised, hormone-free, antibiotic free chicken. Daniela tried the Super Duper Chicken Nuggets, the Wagon Wheels Mac and Cheese, and the Rainbow Rice and Chicken. And Sofia ATE IT. All of it. And loved it, too!

No drive-thru, no chopping, no frying, no fussing. And the best part is that they hide pureed organic veggies in the stuff your kids actually want to eat, like mac and cheese! They don’t even know the good stuff is in there! Genius, Kidfresh.

You guys will get a chance to try these for yourselves soon. Kidfresh agreed to let us raffle off coupons at our upcoming events, and we are super stoked for you all to taste these for yourselves. Daniela’s husband picked one up by mistake, and wanted more! Take one for a test drive if you get a chance. It’s way better than fast food, and just as easy. Check out the menu at http://www.kidfresh.com/our-products/