About Us

Baby_backpacksWhere does mommytrain.com come from?

Two mommies walk into a bar… No, make that the park. Two mommies walk into the park. Both have a daughter named Sophie (or Sofia). Both dropped their careers to be full time moms. Both live far from their hometowns and families. The two mommies become friends. They join a mommy group. They make more friends. They host fabulous mommy group shindigs. They enjoy the heck out of it. They dream up a way to put their business skills and mommy know-­how to work, for the other lonely mommies of the world. And voila! The genius that is mommytrain.com is born.

Meet the Conductors

Ana  is a native Texan, who left her immediate family behind to attend college in Southern California. Afterward, she spent fifteen years building a career in fashion. She served as Managing Store Director for Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Tods, and Giorgio Armani. Then came marriage. And Sophie. Ana set her fashion career aside to focus all her powers on the big job of mothering. Meanwhile, Ana became increasingly aware of the need for moms to connect in meaningful ways, both to learn and to create supportive communities.

Daniela moved to the US from Sao Paulo, Brazil 13 years ago. She grew up to become a successful lawyer. She married, and kept working in the legal area until her daughter Sofia was born. After she ended her work, she founded babyberry.com.br, an online baby store in Brazil. When she became a mom, Daniela found that she missed the support of her faraway family more than ever. She began to seek out the camaraderie of other mothers, and found strength and comfort in the commonality of shared baby experiences.