Ahoy Mateys!

Celebrate Christmas with Pirates Dinner Adventure! From December 1st – December 25th, laugh and cheer as the pirate crew tries to steal Christmas. Will they succeed? Will Santa escape? Will the season be saved? Find out at Pirate’s exciting Christmas spectacular!

Our family set sail for Buena Park and The Pirate Dinner Adventure over the weekend and have returned safe and sound and thoroughly entertained!  We give The Pirate Ship set two “hooks” up and whether you team up with Blue, Orange, Yellow or Red Pirates you will have a great time.

And yo ho ho, Santa Claus is on board for the holidays and your little Pirates are pulled out to “sea” (audience) to rescue Santa Claus and the Christmas treasures from those silly looters!

In addition, you will watch an amazing flying performance by Santa’s Elf and her heartie Pirate mate. All of that while you dine on yummy grub (roasted chicken for the adults, chicken nuggets and mac and cheese for the little ones).

So all hands on deck for this incredible adventure, your little Pirates will absolutely love it!


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