Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse – Movie Review

We were invited to attend a preview screening of the movie and the press junket where we had the opportunity to meet the film makers and cast of the movie. The movie did not disappoint!

I knew nothing about this movie beforehand. Yes, I knew Spider-Man but I had no idea who Miles Morales was. We would drive by the billboard and my son would shout out, “I want to see that!” And in the quick moment that I could look while I was driving I knew it was a Spider-Man movie and that there was also a pig.

Mile Morales is not your typical Spider-Man. I love that he comes from a multi-racial background. In fact, all of the super heroes in this movie are not what you would expect to see. The movie is also pretty funny, which the adults can appreciate. I would say that this movie would be good for ages 7 and up but of course, it depends on the child.

When meeting with the cast and film makers, you could tell that they felt an enormous amount of passion for this movie. In fact, Shameik Moore, who voices Miles Morales, told us that he before he was cast for the movie, he had written in his journal, “I am Miles Morales.” Talk about the power of visualization and realizing your intentions!

This is a great film that both kids and adults will enjoy. It opens December 14, go see it!






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