What Moms REALLY want for Mother’s Day

I’m not a big fan of Mother’s Day. Or Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve, Father’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day or a lot of other holidays. Do we really need to celebrate every single holiday throughout the year? I think not. But since I’m a mother, I guess I am entitled to day celebrating ME! So how do I want to celebrate? I want to be home, ALONE! I want their dad to take the kids out for the day, all day. Feed them, entertain them, take them to the potty, anything really as long as they are wearing sunscreen and staying hydrated and I don’t want have to do it. Why go out to an overpriced brunch? I can make my own eggs at home for a fraction of the cost.

So what would I do at home? Lie on the couch and binge watch my favorite shows. Eat ice cream out in the open since I’m usually hiding it from my kids so I don’t have to share. Cook the food that I like to eat that no one else in my family does like beets, eggplant and mushrooms.

Mother’s Day should be a day off from parenting, in my opinion. How do you like to spend Mother’s Day?


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