Gobble Gobble

Now that school has started and after-school activities and homework have begun, families are scrambling to make dinner at night. I know I am! There are a variety of meal delivery services out there so how do you know which one to choose?

img_1194I recently tried Gobble, a meal delivery service that requires about 10-15 minutes of prep work, unlike some of the other services that only require you to heat and serve.

I received three freshly hand-crafted dinner kits (each serves two adults) –which included ingredients that are already prepped and chopped so it didn’t take long to prepare the meal. Some dinners required one pan, others more.

The important part? The food was DELICIOUS! Way better than another service I tried where all I needed to do was pop a tray in the microwave. Yes, this takes a bit more prep time but it was worth it.

Did my kids eat it? Ok I confess, I have picky eaters so they did not eat most of the Gobble food. I did have to prepare a separate meal for them, which almost defeats the purpose of a meal delivery service. But hey, at least I enjoyed a tasty dinner. And you get a LOT of food, which is good because I can eat!

Here’s the good news, Gobble is offering Mommytrain followers an exclusive discount, $50 off your first box when you sign up using this link:


(discount should automatically apply at checkout, new customers only)



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