Turkey Meatloaf by Sofia

Sofia’s favorite food to make and eat.


– 1 Pound of Lean Ground Turkey

– ½ Onion Chopped (or dry)

– 1 Carrot Chopped

– 1 Tbs of Parsley and Green onions

– 1 Egg

– 1/3 Cup of Ketchup

– 5 Ritz Crackers

– Salt and Pepper


Add ground turkey in a bow and add onions, carrots, parsley and green onions, salt and pepper. Mix ingredients using hands or fork.

Add whole egg and mix

Smash crackers in a Ziploc bag. It must look like breadcrumbs and add to the mix

Add Ketchup and mix

Put mix into a baking dish and bake on 350F for 35-40 minutes.

Let it rest for 5 minutes.



Ana & Dani


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