CPR Party!


The other day I was telling a friend about a choking incident that Sofia had when she was 3 years old and how fortunate I was to have taken an infant CPR class. I was able to correctly and safely apply the CPR techniques to help her. True to her Brazilian roots, Sofia loves barbecue and choked on a big piece of “Picanha” steak. Despite the experience, she still loves Brazilian barbecue.

But no joke, this is a serious subject and while the incident happened some time ago, I feel I should freshen up on CPR techniques.  I discovered the Infant CPR & Choking Refresher Video and had an opportunity to talk to the CPR Instructor Ty Vaughn.  She happily agreed to share her video with us and to tell us more about the CPR Party.

“A CPR Party is an informal 2-hour comfortable way to learn valuable, life-saving techniques in CPR.  While enjoying refreshments in a relaxed environment of 5 or more individuals, a CPR Instructor guides attendees through the appropriate hands-on techniques and processes of saving a life. This approach offers attendees a more pleasant experience than in the traditional classroom setting.”

Calling all Mommies – doesn’t this sound awesome?  A get-together with your gang enjoying some food and wine (yes, I said wine!) to learn some life-saving techniques in a fun, fun way! Let’s get this party started! Who’s in?

For more info, please visit their CPR Party Website: http://www.cprparty.net or visit her Facebook Page: facebook.com/thecprparty



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