Convenience is everything to me.

As a mom of 2 boys, convenience is everything to me. Having a 5 year old who does a lot of extracurricular activities, I’m always on-the-go (with both boys in tow), so products that save me time and energy is a win for me!  The B.Box Travel Bib comes with a soft spoon that both conveniently folds inside the catcher and I was even able to fit a food pouch before zipping it up. When my baby is ready to eat, I simply take everything out of the catcher-comfortably attach the bib on him and feed him. Once he’s done eating and creating a mess, all I have to do is fold the bib and dirty spoon back inside the catcher and the mess is contained. I now longer need to search for a baggie or wrap the mess in wipes-it was that easy! The B.Box Travel Drying Rack is also a game changer for my active lifestyle. I love how thin it folds up-it fit perfectly in my diaper bag without taking much space and it’s light weight! Now whenever I take the little one to my parents’ place, I feel comfortable knowing his bottles and pacifiers will have their own space being dried. It’s so compact, yet it can hold up to 6 bottles! Since I lack kitchen space, I’ll be using it a lot…I just have to make sure I’ll remember to put it back in my diaper back before I go!

Suzie Boluarte

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