Instacart- A busy Mom’s dream come true.

Valentines dayHoly schmoly.  All my hopes and dreams have come true.  No, my husband isn’t picking his clothes off the floor.     That’s more of a fantasy!   Instacart has nailed it.   Grocery shopping in peace is finally here.

I admit when Sophie was about 15 months old hitting Whole Foods was the highlight of my day.  It was our daily outing.  It was my day off from the park.  It was fun, adventurous, we always saw other mommy friends there.  It was social hour at the sample table.  In reality, all I wanted was to get what was needed to feed my family and jet on out of there as quickly as I could.  Fast forward a few years and I despise going to the market.  My daughter screams bloody murder, knocks everything in sight off the shelf, and eats half the groceries before we even pay for them.  Enter Instacart.


Forget and google shopping express(which I have been addicted to since it’s invention).  Instacart, my new go to savior has it all.  It’s a delivery service that actually DELIVERS.  Unlike the others, they will deliver the produce, the alcohol, and even the FLOWERS.  On Valentine’s day, I decided to give Instacart one chance.  I ordered a dozen roses for delivery the morning of Valentine’s day(PRIME TIME) for $34.99.  Boom.  Delivered in 1 hour.  Sophie was ecstatic.  What 5 year old doesn’t deserve flowers(#spoiledrotten)



I’m so sick and tired of making the same dang thing day in and day out.  Another added bonus is the endless recipes with quick easy links to shop and add to your cart.  Now this is smart.  Should I go on?






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