A Chicken, a Squash, and the Coolest Thermometer Ever

As of today, Dani and I now in possession of a few new and very important skills. Namely…

  1. We know how to roast a whole chicken and not turn it into jerky. Whaaat? Yeah.
  2. We know how to turn a plain old butternut squash into a super decadent soup with apples and honey and cinnamon– and a dash of Tabasco!
  3. We know how to take a sick baby’s temperature without having to wrangle her to be still. Not even for a second. For reals, now.

Where did we learn these magnificent and unrelated morsels of wisdom, you ask? (Ask!)


Well, the cooking parts we learned from this amazing chef. His name is Chef Russell Johnigan, and we were invited to a cooking class/product demo with him at the Seasons 52 restaurant in Century City. (You need to try this place. You can order anything on the menu and it will be UNDER 475 calories, no matter what you choose. So yummy!)


First Chef Johnigan showed us amazing feats of simple kitchen badassery, and then we got to eat the fruits of our labors. And while we were hanging around stuffing our faces with the most beautiful squash soup and roast chicken you ever did see, the people from Braun thermometers showed us their new sanity-saver. This thing:

Braun no touch thermometer

It’s the new Braun No Touch + Forehead thermometer. Here’s the kicker– It takes your kid’s temperature without even TOUCHING your kid. That might not seem so mind-blowing to some of you now, but if you’ve ever held down a screaming, feverish toddler who is probably in pain, and tried to get a reading off of a finicky ear or forehead swipe thermometer, you know. This is good news. Imagine it. You could check your sick baby’s temperature without waking her at all.

The other major plus is that it’s sooooo easy for mamas to read, especially when you’re up late, stressed out, and dog-tired. On this thermometer, the entire screen changes color– from green (no fever) to orange (mild fever) to red (high fever). You don’t even have to turn on the lights if your little one is sleeping. Check it out:


You can see how it works in person at one of the Braun Mobile Thermometer Tour stops.  For every temperature they take, they’re donating $1 to LA Children’s Hospital. We’re totally getting one for our little people.

Hit us up for roast chicken or butternut soup recipes if you’re interested! We will totally pass our newfound skills along to you.

Braun No Touch + Forehead Tour Dates

**The tour schedule is subject to change, please follow @BraunTherms for any updates.


Tuesday 11/11 LA Kickoff! – Location TBD
Wednesday 11/12 Seasons 52

10240 Santa Monica Blvd., LA

Thursday 11/13 Pan Pacific Recreation Center

7600 Beverly BLVD., LA

Friday 11/14 MacArthur Park Recreation Center

2230 W 6th St., LA

Saturday 11/15 Pershing Square

532 S. Olive St., LA

Sunday 11/16 Westwood Recreation Center

1350 S. Sepulveda BLVD., LA

Wednesday 11/19 Rancho Cienega Recreation

5001 Rodeo Rd., LA

Thursday 11/20 Venice Beach
Friday 11/21 Echo Park Recreation Center

1632 Bellevue Ave LA

Saturday 11/22 Westchester Recreation Center

7000 W. Manchester Ave., LA



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