Happy Anniversary to You! (And Mommytrain, Too)


One year ago, we stepped out on this crazy thing called Mommytrain. We weren’t sure what would happen. Maybe we would fall flat on our faces. But we had big hopes…

–We hoped we could help mamas like us find friends, and walk through motherhood together.

–We hoped we could show some tiny people a really good time.

–We hoped we could build a business on something we believed in, and keep our babies close by in the process.

We would have been content if just one or two of those things had happened. But by some miraculous stroke of luck, ALL of them came true.

This has been pretty much the best year of our lives, hanging out with all of you, eating good food, tossing back a few margaritas (or craft beers!), taking too many pictures of our way too adorable offspring, and singing our lungs out at karaoke parties. It really shouldn’t be okay to have this much fun and make a living, too. And it’s all thanks to you. So thank you.

Thank you to the mamas, who weren’t afraid to get real. Hearing your joys and struggles and wishes made us better mamas, too. Watching you connect with each other, and feeling the love and acceptance you showed us all, was life-changing. We couldn’t have imagined a better group of friends to walk with.

Thank you to the littles, who ran, rolled, danced, painted, cried (it happens!), giggled, and SANG… Oh, those incredible vocal stylings you guys busted out! “Let it Go” will never sound as good on screen as it does from the Mommytrain karaoke stage. Never.

Thank you to the sponsors, who create such ingenious gadgets, gizmos, food, clothing and world-class services to give moms an easier go at this parenting thing. The prizes, gifts, samples, and nibbles you brought us made every gathering feel like a special occasion. We have loved working alongside you toward our common goal: making parenthood more healthy, more beautiful, and even more fun. Thank you!

And to the dads, of course– You guys have taken on a big job, caring for some extra special women and babies for the long haul. Thank you for coming along to eat pizza and drink beer with us, for taking tons of pictures, for holding down the fort while we talked the night away at our Roundtable nights. You inspire us to be better people every day, and we totally love you.

We kicked off this whole Mommytrain ride with a party– The Mommytrain Halloween Shindig. Now we’re celebrating our anniversary with another party– the Second Annual Halloween Shindig!

We can’t think of anything better than sharing this milestone with our favorite people. You guys make the Mommytrain community a nurturing, loving, FUN place to hang our hats, and that’s more than we could have asked.


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