Dear Dads,

fathers day

Dear Dads,

Thank you for lugging a flowery diaper bag around Disneyland, and a camera, and sometimes a stroller, and maybe a sippy cup, too, never complaining. Not once.

Thank you for throwing our toddlers up in the air and making them scream and laugh harder than we’ve ever heard. (Maybe not so high, next time. Okay?)

Thank you for rolling around on the carpet in mock-battle with a thirty-pound kid, and pretending to be totally outmatched.

Thank you for that time you stayed up walking the hallway with a sick baby, even though you had to get up early in the morning.

Thank you for tickle sessions, and training wheels, and toilet plunging, and heavy-duty potty cleanups. (Thank you SO MUCH.)

Thank you for that extra round of Goodnight Moon, tonight.

Thank you for chicken nuggets and fries when we’re all just too tired, and drinking apple juice when you’d rather have a beer.

Thank you for teaching the boy how to pee in a straight line (sort of), and for high-fiving him every time he almost gets it right. Thank you for explaining why he can’t whip it out at the playground.

Thank you for tea parties, and singalongs, and trick-or-treating in a costume you didn’t choose.

Thank you for Dora songs at bedtime.

Thank you for sticking around when things got hard. When there were arguments and sleepless nights, and weeks with zero sex.

Thank you for making it work.

Thank you for being a safe place to land, when everything takes its toll, and we doubt we’re really cut out for this motherhood thing.

Thank you for setting your goals aside, sometimes, when they get in the way of baseball games and recitals and a weekend spent together on the beach.

Thank you for girls-only nights, so we can rest and reconnect with friends, and remember we’re still ourselves.

Thank you for caring about our goals and plans and dreams, and cheering us on.

Thank you for making our kids believe they can do anything.

Thank you for doing your best every day, for saying sorry when you get it wrong, for learning as you go, and giving us space to do the same. We’re getting better. Right?

Thank you for hugs in hard times, for helping us find joy in the adventures of parenthood. It would be so much harder without you.

Thank you.

Love love love,

The Moms



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