Two Mamas Go to Panera

Panera Bread
Okay, now don’t look down on us for this, but Dani and I had never been to a Panera for a real lunch. Like ever. No, we don’t live in caves. We kind of saw it as just a bakery, with great coffee. Because, I mean, look at the name: Panera Bread Company. It kind of screams “Bread! Just bread! Bread forever!” Or something like that.

Anyway, we got a pleasant little kick in the pants in the form of a Mother’s Day gift card from the sweet folks at Panera, so we showed up all innocent and ready for lunch at the Santa Monica location. And guess what? They’ve got WAY more than bread! (Those of you who spend 70% of your disposable income on your Panera addiction already knew this, but bear with us.)

They’ve got this ingenious ordering layout, where you get to pick two items and smack them together to make a complete meal. They’re all super yummy, handcrafted dishes that make you feel like you’re actually consuming a healthy, balanced meal, instead of, say, the last pickings of your child’s cold chicken nuggets and fries. They even have a kids’ menu, with real food that you would be proud to serve your kid in front of your mother-in-law!

photo 4

Sophie had butter ribbon pasta, with an apple (a real apple!), and I had cheddar broccoli soup with a Thai salad (so good), and Dani got cheddar broccoli soup with a chicken salad sandwich, on their ridiculously soft bread. Plus, we took home a loaf of four cheese bread and a loaf of sourdough to share with the boys. They even sliced it for us!

So yeah, ladies. Don’t forget you’ve got better options than the big ‘M’ out there on soccer/ballet/grocery day. Panera has a drive thru with your name on it, and a whole lot of healthy goodness inside.


Ana & Dani


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