Princesses, TV stars, and Alkaline88!

You guys completely rocked our latest Frozen Sing Along at The Play Destination! We were blown away by your divas and their musical prowess. And all of our little princesses fell in love with the real life Queen Elsa from Smile and a Song Princess Parties!

Last week we got to interview mommy, actress, entrepreneur and author, Brande Roderick. Brande is ridiculously gorgeous, and has starred in Baywatch, Celebrity Apprentice, and Celebrity Apprentice All Stars. These days, she’s a successful entrepreneur who works with the likes of Adam Levine (swoon!), and she’s also a mom who inspires us with her ability to keep the wheels spinning, while nurturing the people she loves.

Brande was kind enough to send us an entire case of Alkaline88 water to share with our Mommytrain riders, and you guys loved it! So we asked Brande about how she got into the Alkaline 88 business, and how she keeps things balanced as a working mom– something a lot of us struggle with, as well.

Brande RoderickMT:       How did you first learn about alkaline water?

Brande: Actually, my manager called me and told me I had to try Alkaline88. He knew I stuck to an alkaline diet and thought I would love the alkaline water, which I absolutely did! I had been eating alkaline foods for over 10 years and was extremely excited to now know that I can actually drink alkaline water.

 MT:       You already have your hand in a lot of successful business ventures, plus acting, and Celebrity Apprentice, and being a mom! So what made you want to add Alkaline88 as a business enterprise?

Brande: It very much excited me to be able to represent something that I strongly believe in! I believe that our lives are better when our bodies are in balance, and the quickest and easiest way to do that is through Alkaline88 water.

 MT:       What are some of the benefits of alkaline water that most people don’t know about?

Brande: There are actually a ton of benefits. If you just do a simple Google search on the benefits of being alkaline, you’ll see a ton. In fact, Dr. Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize in 1931 for proving that cancer cannot live in an alkaline environment. For me, it has helped my skin tremendously. I did an interview with Brandi Glanville from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and she swears that it cleaned up her acne.  It also helps my energy, my heartburn, and my joint pain. My very good friend, Marc, said that if he stops drinking alkaline water for even a week, his joint pain is back. These are just some of the many benefits of drinking Alkaline88.

 MT:       Has alkaline water made a difference in your life as a mom? What would you say to other moms who are considering it?

Brande: Your kids will love it! Every night before bed, my boys ask for water. The other night, Mommy was too lazy to go downstairs to get water, so I used tap water out of my son’s bathroom. I gave it to him and he said, “Ewww, gross, Mommy! I want alkaline water.” I was surprised that my little four-year-old noticed the difference in taste and demanded alkaline water. They say kids always tell the truth. Put your kids to the test and see what they say.

 MT:       What’s the hardest part of being a mom and an entrepreneur? What’s the best part?

Brande: It’s the same answer for both: being able to work from home.  The hardest part is that they are constantly coming into my office at all times during the day while I’m trying to get things done, which makes it difficult at times, and makes my job take longer than it should.  Of course, the best part is that I work from home and get to see my children, kiss them goodnight, eat lunch with them, etc.

 MT:       How do you keep your schedule balanced between work life, home life, and leisure time? Where do you go for help when you need it?

Brande: Keeping everything balanced is a constant challenge. I like the motto “work hard, play hard.” I will travel for three days working like a dog so that I can come home and just play the role of mommy for a couple of days. I also think it’s important to take time for yourself, whether it’s getting your hair done, nails done, spray tanning, etc. I feel it’s important to do those girly things, because when you look good, you feel good.

 MT:       Any tips for moms who are looking to create their own business opportunities from home?

Brande: I say go for it. As a mom, being your own boss is key to creating your own schedule. The best advice that I can give is to choose something that you’re passionate about.  I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but it truly makes a difference when you believe in something as opposed to just doing a job. For instance, for me, being able to go out into the world and talk about Alkaline88 is a dream come true because I wholeheartedly believe it will help change people’s lives.

We’re definitely fans, Brande! Thanks for taking the time to share your know-how with us!

If you missed out on our latest sing-along, have no fear! We’ll be rocking it every month from now on. If you’d like to give Alkaline88 a try, and find out about the health benefits of eating an alkaline diet, check out the website:


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