Easy and Healthy and Edible, Too? Yes.

Eating healthy isn’t always a picnic. Especially when kids are involved. At the end of long day running errands, taking care of work demands, taxiing kids to their classes, and maybe getting in some exercise, it’s easy to just drive thru the nearest McJunkFood restaurant and grab a bag of calories your children will eat without a fuss. Because it’s not just that you’re too tired to spend thirty minutes chopping, steaming, and tossing together a healthy, all-natural meal, it’s also that you’re too tired to work that hard for a healthy, all-natural meal that your child will stare at and complain about until it’s so cold and limp that you wouldn’t touch it either.

Kidfresh_logotype_highresThat’s why we got kind of excited about these Kidfresh meals. They’re easy frozen dinners made from organic vegetables and humanely raised, hormone-free, antibiotic free chicken. Daniela tried the Super Duper Chicken Nuggets, the Wagon Wheels Mac and Cheese, and the Rainbow Rice and Chicken. And Sofia ATE IT. All of it. And loved it, too!

No drive-thru, no chopping, no frying, no fussing. And the best part is that they hide pureed organic veggies in the stuff your kids actually want to eat, like mac and cheese! They don’t even know the good stuff is in there! Genius, Kidfresh.

You guys will get a chance to try these for yourselves soon. Kidfresh agreed to let us raffle off coupons at our upcoming events, and we are super stoked for you all to taste these for yourselves. Daniela’s husband picked one up by mistake, and wanted more! Take one for a test drive if you get a chance. It’s way better than fast food, and just as easy. Check out the menu at http://www.kidfresh.com/our-products/




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