Art, Conservation, and Candy! Oh, my

Wyland Sweet openingDid you know there’s a giant, floating trash vortex in the ocean that’s the size of Texas and ten feet deep? Well, we do! It’s called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, and there are six more just like it! Sofia and I learned this and lots of other amazing (scary) things at the grand opening of the new Wyland Gallery at Hollywood and Highland Center.

Wyland is an artist/conservationist who loves to portray marine life and bring awareness to the plight of the world’s oceans. He likes to create huge murals of whales and ocean scapes. At the gallery’s grand opening event, we got to take in all the artwork, and tour the new Mobile Learning Center that will be visiting schools across the country, educating kids on the importance of preserving our waterways.


The new Wyland Gallery is teaming up with Sweet!, a confections company that makes gorgeous chocolate and sugar sculptures and candies. They’ve created the most adorable little sea creature candies– turtles and starfish and dolphins and more.  And they’re donating 1% of the profits to marine conservation! What better way to get your kids pumped about caring for the environment, than with ocean art made of sugar?

Sweet! 2




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