Do You Want to Build a Snowman? (A Blog About Our Fanatical Love for Frozen)

February 26, 2014

Frozen obesession

We just can’t let it go. For the first time in forever there’s a Disney movie with not one, but TWO princesses, and they both kick booty and sing like goddesses and literally rule.

And we’re not alone. Frozen merchandise sells so fast that all the Elsa and Anna costumes have already evaporated like snow in summer. If you want one of those puppies now, be prepared to shell out $300-$800 on eBay. Forget about licensed birthday party supplies!

For any other movie, that kind of following might be a little disturbing. But in this case, I am totally down with Sophie rocking the Elsa dress and pretending to be a full-grown woman who owns her own talents and loves her people like a boss.

So that’s a big part of the reason we’re hosting this Frozen Sing-along Play-along on March 2nd. We want to get together and rock out to some of the best musical moments ever with you and your littles. Hopefully they’ll be so worn out by the time we’re done, you can put them to bed and watch Frozen score two Oscars that night! …Although you might want to let them stay up to watch Irina sing “Let it Go” live. Otherwise, you could be out in the cold the next morning.


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