Design for Busy People


I say “busy” people, but what I really mean is “people who pretend to be too busy to decorate but really just missed out on the gene that enables you to create gorgeous wall art displays without major help.” Not that I am one of those people. Even so, if you haven’t seen the super-chic wall art at, go. Go right now. You’re welcome.

Yes, they have gorgeous cards and baby announcements and all that, but seriously. Look at the wall art. They mine this stuff out of creative minds all over the country, and they let their community vote on which ones to sell, and then they give the artists a decent cut of the sales. It’s like modern day Da Vinci commissions, but for your living room!

PLUS, for those of us who maybe don’t know how to do anything other than hang family portraits in a straight line over the mantel… (ahem)… they have this section at the bottom of the page for the artwork you like, where they show you exactly what other pieces to hang it with, and how to style the room or the wall around it to look just so. It’s addictive. A little bit. But that’s okay, because check out their prices. I don’t know if you shop quality prints much, but these are Target prices people. Target prices with far less probability that you’re buying the exact same print as five other homeowners on your block. DEAL.


Ana & Dani



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