Neat Mamas Can Be Artsy Too.


So one time, there was this neat freak mom. (Not me!) And she had this really precocious daughter who liked to do ‘art’ with squishy paints and beads and glitter glue and so on… You get the picture. Messy stuff. And this neat freak mom (Not me, I swear!) felt really guilty, because, well, she had this table. This gorgeous table. This table she loved. And also brand new flooring. And granite countertops. (Those are expensive!)  And so, her daughter would come up to her and say, “Let’s paint, Mommy!” Or something equally horrifying, and the neat freak mom would think of her table and flooring, and say, “Sure, honey. Maybe tomorrow. Want to watch TV?” Or something even more lame, like, “How about chalk on the driveway instead?”  Deep down, she realized she was slowly killing her child’s inner artist, and she felt very, very guilty. But she could barely contain the mess from washable markers. Imagine the scars a single glitter glue session could leave! So she continued on her pathetic, neat freak way, until her friend gave her a gift. It was called MessMatz.  It unrolled onto her table. It was the perfect size for a large drawing, or a set of beads, or a painting! It was non-stick! And rubbery! And it had (gasp!) a rim, to hold all the paint and mess safely inside!  So the neat freak mom (who is not me) brought her daughter to the table with the new, blue mat on top. She said, “Behold, daughter, you may now partake of these squishy paints and glue to your heart’s content. And lo, my table shall not be scathed.”  And her daughter painted happily. And the mat rinsed clean. And all was well.

The End

P.S. Guess what this neat freak mom will be using when it’s time to carve a pumpkin? Yup. MessMatz from Little Bean Creations. I like my sanity… I mean, neat freak mom likes her sanity.

What type of mom are you when it comes to your little artist: free range or cattle stall?


Ana & Daniela