Colic Is in the News, and the News Is Good

bio-k plus probioticsDo you know a mom with a colicky baby? Drop what you’re doing, go to her house, and give her a hug. And maybe a latte. Extra points if you offer her a few hours of peace and quiet.

If you happen to be that mom who is dealing with hours and hours of inconsolable wailing and self-doubt and sleeplessness, give yourself a break, and repeat after me: “This is not my fault. It’s not my baby’s fault either. And it is NOT going to last forever.”

Colic isn’t pretty, folks. It has the power to turn the sweetest, young mommy into a weepy, fire-breathing troll within a matter of days. Thankfully, it only lasts an average of three months, although it can drag on much longer. But the worst part is that doctors still come up short on answers as to why it happens in the first place.

But, people, have you seen the news? Some of these researchers think they might be onto something. Check out this study in Medical News Today. They tested five groups of newborns with pro-biotics, to balance out the bacteria levels in their tummies. Three out of the five groups reported relief from colic.

RELIEF. That’s a sweet, sweet word when your baby is in distress (and so are you).

It worked for me, too, when Sofia was a baby. In fact, it was the only thing that really helped control her colic. I started giving her Bio-K probiotics when she was tiny, and noticed a difference very soon afterward. It makes sense, when you think about it. Colic has been linked to abnormal gut bacteria, so good bacteria ought to help. And since it’s good for her either way, it was totally worth a shot.

What have you tried, to help your baby get through colic?

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